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  1. Presumably you all think Adebayor was completely innocent as well?Good grief, goading any fans like that  (from what I have read) has no place in football surely??Or is it ok just because the fans didnt actually make it across?
  2. I cant wait for the new season. Whilst I would prefer our two clubs to be in the premiership together, it looks like we ''may'' get there first....but missing out wouldnt be the first time eh!If Keano spends spends spends, gets us in the premiership and then clears off, I for one, will be a happy Blue!At the same time I would like to see you guys do well and bounce back first time.Premiership derby in 2 seasons time anyone????
  3. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I''d rather have his wife.[/quote][:D]
  4. [quote user="Gunn the Leech"]Gunns her toyboy hes great , not going to rush Board appointments they want the right people , we want to become a successful club on and off the pitch , will try to give Gunn a League 1 transfer kitty.[/quote]OMG!!! Is that the best she can do
  5. [quote user="AA"]Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop Now time for a decent lon term manager [/quote]Blimey, one shock at a time mate! LOL
  6. yep, my 4yr old son is taking over and wont make as much of a f**k up as that muppet
  7. Not before time if you ask me.Doncaster has ALOT to answer for in the way he has conducted himself and sold the club down the river behind the scenes.Good riddance!!!
  8. [quote user="MCWILL"]ELLIOT WARD PENNO DODGY DESCISION BUT I DON''T CARE, THE LINO GAVE IT :P[/quote] LOL, and after all the complaining about ITFC getting a dodgy pen at the weekend!
  9. [quote user="alex_ncfc"][quote user="Canary Wundaboy"]It''s not Roeder that''s the issue.Swapping managers would simply be swapping the hangman''s noose for the electric chair.We''d be just as dead at the end.[/quote] Let me get this straight, because I am somewhat confused. Right. So the man who continues to play possibly one of the worst players to wear the shirt (your beloved "Fozzy") over much better options and has strikers on the bench but replaces the injured strikers with midfielders isn''t part of the problem? Ok. Glad that one''s sorted then...[:|] [/quote]I agree...why are some people failing to see Rodent is one of the issues??
  10. [quote user="alex_ncfc"][quote user="we8wba"] im not being funny and will probably wind some up with this but is glenn roeder really a big named manager? [/quote] For once I agree with you. He got the West Ham and Newcastle jobs because he was on the staff at the time. Other than that, Gillingham...Watford....huge names. [/quote]Couldnt agree more....why is this chump seen as a big name?  As for attracting names....err..who exactly?   If he was that popular, some would be with NCFC by now surely??? money or no money....and lets face it, who believes NCFC will ever have the money the fans seem to think is out there somewhere?
  11. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Sorry about the delay in putting stuff on here but i attended an evening with Dion last week at Yarmouth FC. It was a great night, he was extremely open about everything and very charming. The guy is an absolute legend! Some asked were: * Would you ever consider management and if you were Glen Roeder would you have released Hucks? He would consider management in about a year, he just needs a break from it at the moment and is loving SKY. As for Hucks, the question was met with a strong NO. He said no player has ever had such an influence on NCFC as Hucks. He was still fit enough and could do a job.Easily. He said there were alot of things Hucks couldnt do....track back, tackle, header...but the things he could do far outweighed those he couldnt. Even if he stayed as an impact player he would have done a good job. * Were you offered a coaching role and did you help Roeder? He was not, contrary to reports offered a coaching role. GR didnt try to persuade him to retire either. He respected his wishes. Surprisingly he never helped GR either. He said the main thing that sets Alex Ferguson apart from GR was that AF listens to people. GR is blinkered in his approach and very strong minded. * Peter Grant. Could coach anywhere in the world. Absolutely fantastic at it.One of the best he has worked at and a great communicator. Management was a step too far for him. * Robbie Savage and the headbutt.... Should have caught him harder. The guy is a weasel. He hates him. hardmen such as Roy Keane (who is one of his best friends) are not heard. He also dislikes Danny Mills too.  *Was it a misprint that Peter Thorne and Andy Hughes were in your 442 team of all time? Loud laughter stating Thorne was good but injury curtailed his time here and Hughes'' workrate was second to none. He also said they would kick his head in if he didnt put them in! *All the loanee''s..... It would not be his prefered way but with the budget we have it is not possible to buy that many players. Ideally our youth would be good enough to fill the gaps.... *Joe Lewis Should never have been sold. Big mistake. He was gobsmacked. But Declan Rudd is good. Hope this is ok, but as you can imagine by the end of the night i was drunk and a week later my memory (now 26) is not what it was! Incidentally there is an evening with Iwan next month too! Details are on Yarmouth Town''s website. [/quote]A truely great guy isnt he....Dion says it how it is...Not a big fan of Rodents ''management'' style though......
  12. We all know what Rodent did in pre-season was to move out those who had the balls to stand up to him and question some of his tactics/theories etc etc....Many on here jumped on the ''well if so-and-so isnt doing it then he should go, including any backroom staff''.....So, how right do you feel now....STILL SUPPORT RODENT ?????No wonder the side isnt performing with a man like this in charge....he loses Dublin and Hucks (the two leaders in the squad) cos perhaps they dared to stand up to him....ANOTHER great movePerhaps he will let all the permanent players and staff go and finally NCFC will be totally made up of loan signings....its the way forward. [:O]Of course, this is only my own opinon....and no basis of fact at all.  [:@]
  13. In short...NO!!What has he done so far that makes anyone think he is the man? Is everyone blinded by a few weeks decent results last season and completely forgotten the slide towards relegation?I guess we will see this season, as Rodent is renowed for having a ''decent'' `1st season and then absolute sh*t 2nd one..... lets see how he does this time
  14. [quote user="Disco Dale"]I agree Kennedy is a level above and Hoolahan has got good technique but that is it.I am begining to think Roeder is serverly restricted by the board.I mean when he said that Huckerby was welcome to use the facilities any time etc it hardlry sounds like it was his decision or something personel.I really thought things had changed when we signed Ashton , then when we sold him I thought same old Norwich replace him on the cheap but we signed Earnshaw top quality striker at this level but now it does looks like being same old Norwich.    [/quote]well said, although I think ''welcome anytime to use the facilities'' was something Rodent said to pacify the fans rather than actually meaning it.  He knew Hucks was off to USA so its an easy thing to say.What goes around comes around....GET RODENT OUT!!!
  15. There is NO way that Heskey is gonna sign....unless of course its not the Emile variety????
  16. [quote user="1st Wizard"]The board should reign their puppet in before our club is totally destroyed by him!.[/quote]I couldnt agree more....I''m shocked by the number of people continually posting on here "Roeder has a plan, we just have to wait". or words to that effect.....When will the fans start to see this taking shape.... "you wont recognise the squad...etc...etc.. "   DAMN RIGHT WE WONT....THEY WILL ALMOST ALL BE GONE AND REPLACED BY MORE LOAN SIGNINGS WE ARE FORCED TO PLAY !
  17. I sort of agree, but isnt it the way its being done rather than whats happening?sacked..not sacked..no comment etc etc.... doesnt look to me like everyone in the club is ''on the same page'' ?    Doesnt bear well for Roeder getting full backing?Perhaps I am wrong
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