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  1. Presumably you all think Adebayor was completely innocent as well?Good grief, goading any fans like that  (from what I have read) has no place in football surely??Or is it ok just because the fans didnt actually make it across?
  2. I cant wait for the new season. Whilst I would prefer our two clubs to be in the premiership together, it looks like we ''may'' get there first....but missing out wouldnt be the first time eh!If Keano spends spends spends, gets us in the premiership and then clears off, I for one, will be a happy Blue!At the same time I would like to see you guys do well and bounce back first time.Premiership derby in 2 seasons time anyone????
  3. [quote user="Mister Chops"]I''d rather have his wife.[/quote][:D]
  4. [quote user="Gunn the Leech"]Gunns her toyboy hes great , not going to rush Board appointments they want the right people , we want to become a successful club on and off the pitch , will try to give Gunn a League 1 transfer kitty.[/quote]OMG!!! Is that the best she can do
  5. [quote user="AA"]Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop Now time for a decent lon term manager [/quote]Blimey, one shock at a time mate! LOL
  6. yep, my 4yr old son is taking over and wont make as much of a f**k up as that muppet
  7. Not before time if you ask me.Doncaster has ALOT to answer for in the way he has conducted himself and sold the club down the river behind the scenes.Good riddance!!!
  8. [quote user="MCWILL"]ELLIOT WARD PENNO DODGY DESCISION BUT I DON''T CARE, THE LINO GAVE IT :P[/quote] LOL, and after all the complaining about ITFC getting a dodgy pen at the weekend!
  9. [quote user="alex_ncfc"][quote user="Canary Wundaboy"]It''s not Roeder that''s the issue.Swapping managers would simply be swapping the hangman''s noose for the electric chair.We''d be just as dead at the end.[/quote] Let me get this straight, because I am somewhat confused. Right. So the man who continues to play possibly one of the worst players to wear the shirt (your beloved "Fozzy") over much better options and has strikers on the bench but replaces the injured strikers with midfielders isn''t part of the problem? Ok. Glad that one''s sorted then...[:|] [/quote]I agree...why are some people failing to see Rodent is one of the issues??
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