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  1. A friend of my dad took his grandkids to the open day,he said the queues for photographs with the current plyers were huge and they missed out.But when they were walking back to the car Huckerby was walking somewhere ,on his own.They asked would he mind doing a couple of photos and he was amazing,seemed like he had all the time in world chatting about everything ,loads of pictures,unbeliverby down to earth.The knight in shining green and armour saves the day again.
  2. [quote user="batesout MOT"]Ha ha. Enjoy the summer looking forward to our next trip.[/quote] Must be nice to come somewhere clean.
  3. [quote user="king canary"][quote user="claud"]tbh, I think it''s fairly good that you got  the "Didn''t realise this" reply. You could quite easily have been ignored and have received nothing considering how many texts/emails they must receive. I quite like Adrian Durham. I think that he has suffered massively as he has to provide the counter argument to  his co-presenter, be it Ian Wright, Darren Gough etc. Talksport seem to like a good cop/bad cop format. Durham seems to be handed bad cop quite often. [/quote] Personally I think he is an obnoxious self loving wanker who is far to keen on the sound of his own voice. [/quote] Nothing winds me up more than when Adrian Durham is paired with Ian Wright.The hypocrisisy is unbeliverable.The shameless way Wright promotes his sons interests,even defending the one whos a cowardly thief.I remember one show those two were slating Phil Brown and Wright mocked the colour of Browns skin, Mr "Play the race card" himself.  As for Durham you just know he was picked on at school and didnt lose his virginity until he was 25.
  4. [quote user="back of the net"]Mills was one of Englands best performers in Japan.[/quote]    Best performer?For a start he was only playing because Gary Neville was injured. I can still remember him passing the ball to a Sweden player in his own 18 yard box giving them a draw.As for being a Leeds "fan" he made the club pay every penny of his massive salary (which took years) even though the club was bankrupt and he had another huge contract at Man city.Fair enough he was a professional footballer so its his right to be paid what was agreed but dont claim to be one of the supporters.
  5. HD or not HD the guys still a cu*t.But we can all take comfort in the fact his career is only going one way.
  6. Caller:Haaaaloo Neil,I know we got a good result today but I think that there boy Martin should be dropped.I know he scored nine today but he dint run around like a headless chicken.Also that there boy Lappin hes no inside left. Adams;you were obiviously at the game today? Caller;No I werent Neil, I listened to your wonderful commentry on Radio Rummin. Adams(thinking):another thick Norfolk gibblet.
  7. Either way Paul Lambert will be at Celtic before he gets Norwich to the premiership.A Celtic legend and I cannot see mowbray being there too long.You can tell he will be a top manager , very level headed , he doesnt slag players off in public , doesnt get carried away , and isnt an attention seeker who wants all the credit himself.
  8. A reliable informent did tell that Roeder sold Jason Shackell to fund Sibierskis (massive) wages.And the transfer fee still didnt cover it.Very clever Glenn.
  9. Does anyone what days and times the teams train? Sometimes fancy going for a look.
  10. [quote user="whoareyou?"] You forget some of those signings he made though, nutty! Jason Jarrett and Peter Thorne. Mathhieu Louis Jean and Carl Robinson. All absolute shite and a complete and utter waste of time and money. The reason we went down hill then was Worthington''s crap signings! It''s too easy to forget just how very poor we were then too! And the only common denominator in all this??? DS and MWJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/quoteClueless
  11. Mark Rivers ?Ahead of Dale Gordan ?Let me give you a history lesson on my favoraite Norwich City player.Dale Gordan was a boy from Caister who played like he was from Rio beating players constantly using dribbles,drag backs,tricks and of course his speciality the triple stepover,usally ending up with a cross or shot at goal.This at a time when we were top 6 div 1 (prem) team.Add in the fact he wore too jewellry(on the pitch) and rumours he used to go to London to have his hair cut and you have a true cult hero.
  12. [quote user="Smudger"] [quote user="Ali Dia"]Why in f*ck''s name does that warrant a post!?[/quote] Because he was one of NCFC''s best ever goalkeepers (certainly in the top 4 or 5), he is a nice bloke and a proper NCFC legend (unlike the toss pots that many applaud now). [/quote]He used to go out with one of my missus mates and dosed her up with some nasty STDs.Dont know how this is relevent but there you go.
  13. He could use some of his superb man management skills with Didier Drogba.
  14. Maybe he would play better if he didnt have his boot laces tied together.
  15. What really gets me about Roeder is his over inflated opinion of himself.How he makes out he is some sort of successful manager who is kindly teaching the "little" people of Norwich about football.But what has he achieved in the game?Nothing.The man is a total shyster. 
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