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  1. Lol. I took mine to Southampton (2-0 loss) and MK Dons (scrapped a 1-1 draw) last season so maybe i should stop taking her too often. I''ll be keeping the work up this season lol...should be going to a few away games.
  2. You guys (and gals) have let yourselves down. What you need to do is talk about Norwich so much they eventually support us. My missus is from Hull, so kinda supported them, but she didn''t really like football. Now she''s a fully fledged Canary...and always wears my old Norwich shirts :-) Get to work converting everyone lol
  3. That was the England call-up clause which was written off, not the sell-on clause.
  4. [quote user="greenTshirt"][quote user="Stevee Wonder"] [quote user="greenTshirt"]Paul Jewell now joint favourite Oh well, it''s be a fun day [/quote] Where did you see that? [/quote] betfair - actually I was a bit premature - jewel slipped out again to 4/1 - Lambert is 7/2. But Jewell''s odds are all over the place Betfair are a bit more reliable in the next manager markets - the bookies are totally unreliable when it comes to books on very weak markets. Basically Lambert is a false favourite - if there was any truth in this he would be much much shorter in the betting - say around 1/5 [/quote]   Agreed, if the bookies knew anything it would be much shorter, at the moment they''re just reacting to where the money is going. But its does suggest someone somewhere thinks theres a good chance he''ll get the job. Jewell''s odds shorten on betfair....well....that''ll justbe the same to be fair. Who actually knows? Well, I''d suggest no-one...probably not even the Burnley chairman yet.
  5. [quote user="greenTshirt"]Paul Jewell now joint favourite Oh well, it''s be a fun day [/quote] Where did you see that?
  6. Someone''s still putting money on Lambert though. His odds keep shortening. He''s at evens with Skybet, and almost evens with BetFred and Paddypower. I think there must eb something in it. Hopefully not too much though. http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/burnley-specials/next-permanent-manager Worrying reading to be honest. It would appear (well...i''m guessing) that they''re probably interested at the least.
  7. Agreed. This is a very odd one. hasn''t really scored, and most of his appearances this year have been from the bench (12 out of 16). But then he was linked with Fulham in the summer, so he must have something about him. surely? In Lambert We Trust.
  8. [quote user="Ren"]What you have all missed in your arguments about the dvd costs - is paying the people who take the time to put put the thing together. Yes they may only cost a few pence to produce but the time involved in putting it together is not a 5 min job. I am sure that the print run for a poor season is 500, and for a good season 2000-3000. We are not dealing with big numbers are we so I doubt the club are cleaning up, just providing a service for fans who like a visual record of the games they have been to.[/quote] And that''s without factorting in the cost of transport...staff wages in the shop...overheads...etc
  9. Can''t believe no-one has said this yet.... David Strihavka...surely he''s got to be up there. P.s. People mention Iwan/Huckerby etc...i wouldn''t class these as cult heroes, they are heroes. Cult heroes has got have a kind of.....comedy...about them. E.g. Ginger Pele/maybe Simon Lappin
  10. Also, that is NOT the formation which was played today. Martin was playing Left Midfield, not supporting Holt. Hoolahan was played "in the whole".
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]i dont know anything about McNally to be fair.. i think Whaley might do well for us though! jas :) [/quote] It''s good to have someone up the top with some good footballing knowledge, as well as business knowledge. And...Gunn said Whaley "will be worshipped", so he clearly thinks he can be the "heros" Roeder failed to produce.
  12. [quote user="ScottNcFc"]Hmm, he said we made a bid for Paul Parry?Was this correct?[/quote] I highly doubt it. What would be the point in bidding for a player who played regularly for a good team in the Championship. I predict today may be the last day of his twitter if he''s proven wrong.
  13. [quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"]Why are some people obsessed with us spending money? If we can get decent players in and they are free as well isn''t that a good thing? [/quote] I''m afraid this seems to be a disease of almost all (especially Norwich) fans. People would rather us risk £500,000 on a player (to show "ambition") than get someone equally as good on a free (which is always better).
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