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  1. Makes you question the warm-up how many injuries have we had this season in the warm-up? Don’t worry the sports scientist will talk himself out of it,
  2. This is one of the best posts I have seen in ages, I 100% agree an think these boards have become a bit of a joke over the last 18months
  3. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="ricardo"]What a pinch for 75 grand. Eat your words Smudger![/quote] Come on Ricardo and Yankee Canary, there''s no need to get nasty, I thought all that had stopped on here. [/quote] That’s rich from the wizard!!
  4. A true legend and a loyal canary, I hope your move to Rotherham pays off All the best
  5. used to be in hazlerigg sports sec 3 years ago but have left now, hope you enjoy the man count
  6. This above comment is probably the best bit of common sense to be posted on here for ages; this is true in any working environment you are involved with, people protect their jobs / position at any cost. The reason for kids not to be getting in the team are multifaceted but things are rapidly changing in the academy set up in the aim to produce some quality which has been missing for some time I have a feeling that after this weeks rallying cry’s for academy scholars to participate we will see some inclusion in the next 3 games of some young blood
  7. Was at Dunston hall gym and saw Dion Dublin in the swimming pool!!! Also Earnshaw was driving his hummer at 8.00pm This is 100% truth doesnt mean he has signed tho!
  8. To wizard, rankin and all the other guys who dont get out much, this must be an indication you are a minority and should pipe down a bit! At the mo theres no one to replace worthy and it wont happen so stop filling this message board with repeat arguements
  9. Earnshaw is a quality purchase who else could we by for that price?
  10. wiz would you rather we spend all the money on 3 players about a million pound over there value and have no money for future seasons? people dont realise how diff it is to get quality and how easy it is to get average players id rather keep the money for wen snips like hucks comes around!
  11. your figures are totally inaccurate and a another dig at the management at NCFC for christs sake support this club and end all this negative and boring chat  
  12. [quote user="Ulf Ottosson"] What really get''s my goat is people who are still criticising Worthy for giving away players. I mean come on let''s move on there gone and personally this ruthless streak that he has should be appauled there is not one player who left at the end of the last season who should have stayed. Fact! Criticise him for the things he his doing wrong - we still defend too deep, we still play too much long ball and he has signed athletes rather than footballers : Svensson - wanted a three yr contract never going to happen at aged 32ish good rid and got a fee. Plus a big earner off the books and would only have been backup for Ashton anyway Edworthy - Rejected a new 2 yr deal has he wanted to match Helveg wages and have three years. No wonder Worthy told him were to go - yes his replacements have been less than stella but MLJ is yet to play. Danny Crow - God! Never Richard Balls has joined his band wagon - yes he looked good but he would have been behind Ashton, Hucks, WLY, Leon, thorne, Hendo in the pecking order so would never have played. He''s done ok at Peterbrough but seven goals in the league is hardly amazing. Mulryne / holt - Both shown the door rightly one had lost interest one was over the hill Jonson - Big wage earner removed and got are money back plus he was hopeless. Roberts / macKay - Both would never have coped with the pace of the premiership and Worthy probably did both a favour by not exposing them to it. Then again the people now saying we should have keep Eddie, holt, Iwan etc.. were probably the same people who said holt was past it, Mulryne too fat, Roberts is too old, Mckay too slow [/quote]   I wish every1 would just read this and support out "team" and that includes the manager ur all doing more harm than good
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