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  1. terrible news, our thoughts are with family and friends.
  2. I think these 2 should be bloody well knighted. Hell if i''d been closer to the dug out, i''d have gone with em. This has to be the worst city team on record and gunn deserves all he gets. GUNN OUT
  3. [quote user="LQ"]Ah well. That''s what you get for replying to a post which states that the meeting was for ''proper'' supporters which implies that anyone who didn''t go isn''t. It''s the old ''true fans'' scenario turned on its head, yet somehow it''s ok if it comes from the other side as it were. Sorry, I''ve got no time for "true fans", "proper supporters" or anyone who only bashes a keyboard. All this divide and conquer stuff is just a joke to be honest - don''t we all want a successful team? Or is that dream only for the "proper supporters"? [/quote] If thats what you think I was doing then there really is no hope left for this club,  sensible post shot down by the " I''m right brigade............"
  4. [quote user="LQ"]This is my favourite snippet from the NCISA homepage: "NCISA exists to represent its members and all Norwich City fans." Err nope. Not this one you don''t! I find all that a bit arrogant to be honest (but obviously love the bit about Tilson and co being available for the media at all times!) And people wonder why I have an issue with all this? [/quote] I really can''t see why NCISA has become the centre of everyones hate, at least they are pro active as supporters, unlike many on here who can only be bothered to put hand to keypad. Whilst I am not a member of NCISA i did attend the meeting at St Andrews Hall. Since I had already made my mind up that I would NOT give the club my rebate money and I had little confidence in the board (Debts and League one Football) . I simply Wanted to see If other supporters had the same strong feelings on the above issues as myself. Where else could I go to get these views from supporters! certainly not the pink un messageboard who''m most posters just say something to get a response. No I attended a meeting of supporters at St Andrews Hall which I travelled 30 miles. This meeting was made for proper supporters who ventured away from there keypads , I recognised fellow season ticket holders, share holders , young and old , In fact we had a broad range of our supporter base represented. I can not ever recall this many of our supporters all in agreement. NCISA had no option with the amount of press coverage for this meeting than to issue a statement that represented  the views of the 500 or so that attended the meeting. I leave with this thought - as single voice I have no say, as part of an army of voices we can have a strong influence on decisions made within the club. As NCISA said at the meeting, come first ball of the new season we will all be behind gunn, even if the majority don''t agree with his appointment.  
  5. Give me mine back too, I have had enough of the stupid idiots running this club. DELIA OUT  
  6. I can think of many reasons why he shouldn''t, the main one being how cr*p he was the last time he stepped out at carrow road.Just shows how expectations have fallen both with supporters and directors.I myself hope he never puts a norwich shirt on again, as did many supporters at the time he was last dropped.
  7. Of course the fact JC has not scored in a norwich shirt is due to JC and not glenn roeder.JC is a professional footballer and it is purely down to him.All this B**dy bullshit it''s roeders fault............... get real
  8. [quote user="John Boubepo"][quote user="ronbol ronbol"]not forgetting of course that he took possibly one of the worst squads in the division last season and saved us from certain relegation!!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote]Roeder told you it was one of the worst squads and you believed it, the squad were of mid table quality but managed by a very poor manager [Grant] things got even worse and that average squad were taken over by a totally  useless c@nt [Roeder] who managed a few wins with Grants team and then put his own stamp on things! it''s gone from bad to worse since because he is totally clueless and without doubt worse than Grant, which in football management is some achievement![/quote]I watched enough grant football to know that this current team is not as bad as it was under grant. I think some of you are forgetting how bad it was under grant.Bandwagon is the word that springs to mind...................
  9. not forgetting of course that he took possibly one of the worst squads in the division last season and saved us from certain relegation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. come off it........... cureton was shot to bits before we bought him. He had some shockers last season and was hardly top form............ and the guy has never played the same in a yellow shirt as he had with all the other clubs.YOUR JUST JUMPING ON THE LETS GET ROEDER OUT BANDWAGON.Give it a rest, you can''t change manager every 12 months.
  11. [quote user="We Want Worthy Back"]People said exactly the same with Ramos at Spurs - that sacking him wasn''t the right thing to do. Can you afford to run the risk of relegation though? Look at the impact Redknapp has had there - we could learn something.[/quote]yet today spurs are just two points from bottom, not all a bed of roses after the last few weeks under redknapp.............................
  12. [quote user="still holding out for new heroes"]4 pages of troll feeding. keep on stuffing it in lads we''ll soon be able to harvest pate de wiz (warning may have a bitter aftertaste)   In Greek Mythology Nemesis was the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris... Wiz if you''re not sure what hubris is look in a dictioanry and you''ll see you''ve already very much succumbed you might even find a picture of yourself [/quote]same old sh*t, feed the troll blaa , blaa ,blaa ....... will the geek squad please leave these boards and let the proper NCFC fans debate properly.Wiz has a point, this side is weak, most on here believe the PR spin machine and it''s daily churning of CR*P , but for most of us the penny has dropped ......we will be relegation certs if serious team building does not take place, Delia take note we mean serious team building.... not your handful of past it players and average DIV 1/ CHAMPIONSHIP players.remember last season when told daily how good Dave the striker and brellier where going to be!  well PR SPIN much the same as this season.... anyone notice a pattern.............watch the SH*T hit the fan once we have another poor start to the season.DELIA OUT
  13. no point making an offer when your''ve been told we are not selling to you. simple as thatDELIA OUT
  14. The problem is delia is not serious about selling the club, she only had talks with cullum because many people where applying pressure. as i have said many times too many people building there little empires within the club (Doncaster being one of them) and not operating in the best interests of the club.until the dictator delia is gone we are no better off  than we were under CHASE. (at least we knew chase was a liar , unlike delia and her whiter than white image she trys to promote)and it pains me to say that. once the season kicks off and the poor results start again watch the fans turn. It''s going to be chase days all over again, and in the best interests of the club ....... I say bring it on....................
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