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  1. Completely agree with you herb. Delia doesn''t strike me as one who would cut her nose of to spite her face, so I expect there is a very good reason why the deal hasn''t as yet gone through.
  2. Go on then... can somebody send it to me please! Thanks in advance
  3. I am at Loughborough uni studying in Architectural Engineering & Design Management. I am about to go on placement though at the Arc project in Bury St Edmunds which should be interesting.
  4. I have heard we are richer than Chelsea, and that we are trying to sign Kaka and Drogba but the transfers are taking a while to go through!   What a pointless post Wiz.  Not signing anybody hardly proves your point.  Roeder has already stated he is happy with the funds he is being given and that he expects players to join.  I''m happy that he seems to want to get the most out of the money he has been given by haggling over prices - which he clearly is and has stated in the past. Why can''t everybody just chill out and reserve judgement until the window is closed.  This message board was exactly the same 2 years ago before we signed Earnshaw just before the deadline and I have to say I have more faith in the new manager and the board (they are stronger with the Turners on board) than I did then. We don''t need all this negativity - its part of the reason we ended up in the situation we were in before Roeder took over. Keep the faith!
  5. [quote user="we8wba"][quote user="Hairy Canary"] [quote user="p.g.tips"]great news a attacking midfielder.Now all we need is a left back ,right back,center back i could go on[/quote] We are only allowed 4 loan players at any one time so with Patterson, Smith and Taylor there is only room for one more. [/quote] qpr have mancienne, sahar, vine, buzaky, sinclair, jarrett, epraim thats 7 loans i think so dont know where you got 4 from [/quote] Jarrett is a permanent i believe - he is currently loaned out to Brighton though
  6. Wiz - your posts never cease to amaze me!  Have you ever considered that your posts might be breaking the rules of the forum?  Or, that Archant might feel that keeping the club on-side is going to be better for their business so they can get the latest news on the club, and therefore posting your views is going to harm that in any way?  If you have views which are not allowed to be expressed on here, then why not air them on the other boards that you mentioned in your post? One final point - Why do you always think there is a massive conspiracy??
  7. Anybody fancy meeting at a pub in town for the match?  I will be going, so it would be good to see some other city supporters from the area. Not sure which pubs will be playing it, but i''m sure there will be some which are, so let me know if you''re interested.
  8. It is obvious that the board were waiting for a proper chat with Paul Jewell, and he would obviously expect a look around his potential new club.  Jewell was either not impressed, or the board were not impressed.  If the board didn''t try and get Jewell in they would get slagged off, so just be positive that they did.  Roeder is a good manager, and will get the backing of the boys.  We need to give our backing too - we either get behind the man as he has asked, and like we should as fans anyway, or we jump on their backs from word go and drag the team and club down. He will get the confidence back in the players, and is a good manager! On the ball city!
  9. Just wondering if anybody else finds themselves getting bored and fed up with football as a sport - not just because of our current club and country situation, but because of the way the game is now in general.  Watching the rugby world cup is just affirming my opinion.  I know its often said on here about footballers being over paid prima donas, but compare these people to rugby players.  Rugby players get paid nothing in comparison - they play the sport to be good at it and to acheive very high levels for their personal satisfaction and not for their wallets. They are less in the spotlight and it''s therefore much less glamourous. They play the sport with dignity (getting up after being unfairly tackled without trying to get the opposition in trouble). They have respect for each other and the ref. They play for the club and not for themselves.  How many footballers these days actually care if their club go down - they would just leave! There are probably loads more reasons. I''m finding football less and less interesting as a result.  I do enjoy watching a good game of football, but there is far too much about the game now that annoys me, to follow it as avidly as I have done.  Don''t get me wrong - i''m not about to stop following football, just it doesn''t interest me quite as much.
  10. I think it all stems from the character Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) as he used to take the p##s out of Norwich, especially about inbreeding.  So no real truth in it.
  11. If you ever found yourself in the direction of Norwich you could go around to Colney to watch the players train.  I went a couple of weeks ago and said hello to most of the players - and although i didn''t get any, i have heard they are only too happy to sign autographs.  At least by doing it that way you get the pleasure of checking out Colney (Very impressive), seeing and speaking to the players and management, and getting your book signed!
  12. Good to see that the flag will be on its way to carrow road. http://new.pinkun.com/content/ncfc/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PinkUnOnline&tCategory=Norwich&itemid=NOED25%20Jul%202007%2008%3A58%3A54%3A353
  13. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="can u sit down please"][quote user="Smudger"] oh fantastic... a midfielder on loan followed by a centre back on loan... just what we need!!! How about Doomcaster Delia & Co find what they have done with the £1.5million from the dickson sale & the remainder of the Earnshaw cash and get it spent on a couple of quality PERMANENT SIGNINGS????  [:@] [/quote] yawn yawn.....Crouch on loan,Hucks on loan, Harper on loan and Cooper on loan......we all know what happened next!! If short term measures bring us success then so be it. But then again Smudge....u would still moan at that! [/quote] Yeah, but yeah, but no but...  don''t forget that Hucks, Crouch and Harper were added to a squad that had finished in 8th place and 6th place (losing out on promotion in the play-of final) the two previous seasons prior to their arrival. Where as any loan signings joining this lot will be joining a group that finished 16th last season and flirted with relegation. Rather a difference wouldn''t you say???   [/quote]   Being negative for negative''s sake!  When somebody comes up with a good, constructive argument to your views why do you always feel the need to come up with some bulls**t response? Do you actually believe the rubbish that you write, or do you only do it to wind us all up?!!
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