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  1. Pretty amazing that all three sports journalists had no idea when it has been widely reported on virtually every sports media? But then again after Paul Lambert suggested the local press is trying to cause mischief it doesn''t look like accurate facts are high on their agenda.  
  2. I just listened to the new podcast and the three amigos talked about who should go for the Bristol City job.........???????? Obviously they dont keep up with the championship sports news as it was well reported last week that the job had been filled ????  http://www.givemefootball.com/championship/new-bristol-city-boss-takes-the-hot-seat
  3. Grant only has 7 real bookings...........this year. The one against Paulton was on purpose  
  4. I was bored so I put this quickly together.   I might add some titles or some more video clips. The song is "King Horse" by Elvis Costello http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PwrkL-_oj0  
  5. [quote user="Brundall Canary"]Anyone else in this situation? My 12 year old has played for NCFC Academy (against Arsenal, Spurs and Fulham last season) but not given a place in the Academy set-up. He''s had 2 more trial games in the dome in January this year - scoring a hat-trick in one session and an excellent header in the second game. He gets glowing reports from the PDC where he plays every week - yet nothing from NCFC... He even played in an u-16 trial game during the summer and scored the opening goal at Carrow Rd with a run into the area and a rising shot into the roof of the net at the Barclay End. Not bad considering most players that day were at least 3 years older... A scout from Ipswich has just called to ask where my son is playing this Sunday because they want to watch him. He dreams of getting some Academy training to make progress - but only ever wanted to wear yellow & green. After the dithering at Colney I suppose ITFC is the next best option if they offer him a place? We''re both NCFC season ticket holders and know nothing else. Hell this is a tricky one![/quote] I think you should absolutely look into getting a place at Ipswich but as suggested, after you have officially been offered a place you should contact the club one last time. There is an old saying that "it''s easier to get a job when you have a job"    
  6. One for the ladies [IMG]http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/dreamer_bj21/lappskingofspain.jpg[/IMG]  
  7. [img]http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j12/dreamer_bj21/cowling3.jpg[/img]
  8. The fact that he suggested we don''t have to sell our major players but did hint that Lambert will have to move on some of the fringe squad players on. The first one the springs to mind is Cureton because of his wages. I would think he would be let go for free/loaned if we can get someone to take over is contract. I still feel he will move on Semi, if he gets the chance. Again big wages and out of contract. plus we now have cover. If Spillane comes back something must give. Midfield looks like Gill and OTJ are not in favor so could be moved on. The left midfield spot can be covered by Lappin and also Wiggins (we need a defensive player in that spot) in front of Drury. On the right we now have McNamee but in front of Semi it would be very fast but a possible defensive nightmare. Something I doubt that Lambert will want. From what I can see the Lambert plan is to bring in Martin so he can play McNamee in front and give him some freedom. To me it looks like Semi''s day are numbered in the long term. In the middle/right we have Hughes, Tom Adeyemi, Smith and Russell so that looks enough cover with McVeigh/Spillane being able to fill in various roles from the bench if we get really short handed. Dawkin has also proven to be a decent midfield player who can do a job Overall I think the following could be on the outs Cureton Semi Maric Gill OTJ Whaley Theoklitos Plus I think that there is an outside chance Russell could leave in Jan. He is out of contract in the summer and we may cash in now rather than seeing him walk on a free. Obviously Burnley were interested pre-season. If we offloaded the above players it would save the club a lot of money plus allow us to buy Martin and McNamme. (and maybe Seabourne + Striker) I think I read that OTJ fee is tied to appearances and promotion so could save us more than just his wages.
  9. [quote user="Jen_Jen "] [quote user="Lambo"]Who in their right mind would sign Semmy though??? The blokes had about 3 good games in a season and a half, thought he was decent his first season with us in his defense but unless Crewe were to come back in for him I duno who''d take him on.[/quote] We Have Managed To Get Whaley Out On Loan To 2 Different Clubs, So We Will Be Able To Sell Semi Easy! [:P] [/quote] And to be fair to Simon Whaley he has done pretty well at both clubs. He looks a class above LG2 The problem is his style and attitude don''t fit into what Paul Lambert is trying to build at the club. Lambert has made that perfectly clear that team spirit/attitude is very important when talking about Whaley. I predict Whaley will be let go in Jan to get his wages off the books.    
  10. Just for interest Russell Martin did an interview on CW today When asked if he knew any of the players at the club he said he didn''t except Gary Holt (ex-Wycombe connection) He did mention that Gary had been helping him find a place in the area. It seem strange that a "loan player" who is "only" here for the next month is looking for a place in the area! Wink wink, nudge nudge............ say no more!
  11. firstly his name will be a commentators nightmare We have Martin, we have Russell, now we have Russell Martin........... He had better get a nick name quickly! From reading between the lines this is not a typical loan deal like Forster. The fact we can play him in all competitions suggests this is already a permanent done deal. (like the Etuhu deal with Preston) In his interview today Martin never hesitated when asked if he wanted to stay on a permanent basis. The stock answer from loan players is normally to see how things go. He said hopefully Norwich would sign him on a permanent basis. End of IMHO it''s already a done deal. He mentioned that Norwich (McNally?) and Barry Fry spent a couple of days working out a deal which suggests its more than a typical loan deal. I think this deal suggests what we already knew. Lambert doesn''t rate Semi. And is only playing him because he had no options left. Bringing in Martin may give us the option of selling Semi in Jan if Spillane comes back. Spillane would be a great bench player who can fill in a number of positions.
  12. Getting promoted to the champs is worth at least 5 million Even if we sold Wes we would have to replace him which wouldnt be cheap. If we hit a slump and drop out of the top six by Jan I could see us selling but while we have a shot at auto promotion we should keep him. Rumours abound that Charlton are in real financial trouble and will be forced to sell some players in the new year. I think we just need to hold onto the players we have and add a little quality via the loan market as Worthy did in our promotion season. Our current squad is as good as any squad in this division and better than most.
  13. Why not both? Would you prefer......... Askou   Nelson Doc  Drury or Semi    Askou   Doc  Drury   I would personally prefer Spillane Askou   Doc  Drury But thats not happening for a while.......... I think its actually pretty nice we have 3 decent CBs, when Spillane returns we have the option of 4      
  14. Lamberts message is simple IMHO. He is telling the board they need to support him more in the transfer market.
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