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  1. Anyone know what odds you can get on a Norwich win?
  2. Any one know what odds you can get on a Norwich win?
  3. Well thank goodness we will see some entertaining teams, who create more than one or two chances all match. (........Sh@t, i was trying to forget Newcastle). .........But....and i dont know how we will do this, but i reckon we will get at least 1 point from those games........Now where are those chaps in white coats.
  4. Why''d they boo it anyway? But you pays your money, so if you want to boo, its your choice surely. (Not like its racial, sexist or obcene or anything). Do fans now have to sit and poltely clap when told to etc etc. Bloody stupid.
  5. Actually i prefer the have a go style any day. Just think with that style in the prem, and a weakish defense, we can expect a few results like last Sunday. Think what surprised everyone was a supposed struggling bottom of the table team turning us over like that. I actually think we were unlucky to not get a pen decision and had that happened we would not have been having to replace Tettey with Hoolihan, who undoubtedly helps in an attacking way, but further weakened us and left the defensive frailties of our side open to clinical finishing.
  6. Just wondering. Who on hindsight would have prefered it had we employed a negative don'' t lose at all costs approach at Newcastle. A boring nil nil would have given us a point. I rather think it is horses for courses and sometimes it pays off ()for Boro at home last season). Everyone would moan, but sometimes its good when your team gives that kind of performance. But not every game.
  7. No. Nothing against Rudd, but not sure if he would have done much better for any of the goals. I would be asking whether we should have let the Newcastle attack go from one end of the pitch to the other unopposed. Possibly thought we wre good enogh to push forward all our team too hastily, because of their performances and results up till then, and got caught out. And our defense is just not good enough.
  8. I would watch via streaming, but not very techy. Well actually thats an understement. Havn,t liverpool got their own channel? So i guess a stream must be available?
  9. I was thinking Roccos, Dog House, Ketts, Rose, Murderers? Anyone know if any of these got it on? Got the rugby competing with it today of course, which might make a difference. Or will it have to be radio norfolk only?
  10. Does anyone know any pub in Norwich that will be showing the Liverpool game today, definately?
  11. Voo and Andreu out on loan to Rotherham, so you can,t include them
  12. I think you will be able to buy on the gste but at 29 Quid rather than the 19 they went for of bought from Norwich, but i think you will get in ok. - Why not phone the club to be sure.
  13. Well, am driving up there with my lad, thought about coach, but fancy the freedom of stopping where and when i want. Who else is making the car journey up? And how many do you think we will have up there?
  14. Ig no one wants them, and i know people can still get from ticket office, what chance do you think club will take them back and refund. I know they would for home games, but unsure for an away game like this.?
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