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  1. [quote user="Wiz"][quote user="nutty nigel"] [quote user="Canary02 IV"]I don''t expect us to play dazzling attacking football or even good football to get our results. But when we show such overwhelming deference to every team we play, regardless of circumstance, we drift away from pragmatism and into cowardice. That''s the line that CH crosses that I can''t support. It''s a game. You have to try and win to make it fun, otherwise why are we all wasting our time on it?[/quote] Is this for real? Cowardice? Seriously? [/quote] Tactically Hughton is a coward Nutty...........nice bloke and all that but a coward with tactics. [/quote] Tempted to agree with the Wizardly one, his tactics have been a bit damn unadventurous at times, worried about what public opinion will be of him if he tries something interesting...
  2. As others have said, don''t begrudge the concept of a third year, but the way he has gone about it is just wrong and makes him come across as a complete nob - fair play to McNally for being an arse - egos don''t belong at this club as egos have got other clubs relegated all too often
  3. Be good to see him and Whitbread get a chance for one final round of applause, both been good team players for the club if somewhat unspectacular at times.
  4. 2 of us heading accross from Hull to bolster the Yorkshire Canary contingent
  5. I wouldn''t complain if someone offered me them with Lemon & Sugar right now I wouldn''t complain - Pity there is no flour in the house!
  6. I know it''s from 3 years ago, but had to add my vote anyway ha ha ha
  7. No change in expectations - the team is making good progress at gelling after a fairly heavy overhaul to the squad in the summer, I do feel progress will be made and performances in 6 games time or so will be a much better indicator of how the following 30 something games wil go
  8. £31 for a ticket £40 for diesel (and a 7 hpur round trip!) £0 for sitting at home and watching in technicolour glory and saving my pennies for a match not on telly!
  9. Expect we''ll find a link in one of the usual sources!
  10. I''m also fairly sure he''s out of contract at the end of this season..... decision time!
  11. Good to see him back - Lambert must rate him as a coach as where one goes the other seems to follow! Should teach the youngsters some discipline anyway!
  12. Whatever happened to Clint Easton? promised so much and tried so hard, yet delivered bugger all from what I remember..... A couple of years later people idolised Hughes for just the same!
  13. Having read about his performance there yesterday maybe Lambert isn''t as daft as virtually everyone said he was for selling Spillane and getting in funds for strengthening other areas, especially if he''s had his eye on Korey playing there for a while.
  14. Auntie Marge was a fantastic read although I agree it did go a bit far on the last 4 or 5 posts.....
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