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  1. I can always understand your point of view Smudger but this constant negativity isnt needed. If youv made the effort to watch the last three matches youd realise that were actually playing well. i know results are what matter in football it dont take a rocket scientiest to work that out, but im sure if the lads keep performing how they have been the last three games results will come our way. being a football fans easy when your winning its about loosing when we''re most needed fella.
  2. what a useless bunch of C U Next Tuesday''S, were a complete joke. the only reasonweve been robbed two games in a row is cus di*ks like fotherings cant be bother, WAKE THE F *CK UP!!!!!!!
  3. i love how everyone is ignoring the two women who are arguing, get your handbags out ladies. on the serious side, its pre season friendly, im not too worried about loosing to a team with much deeper quality than we have. i try to be optimistic but next season just going to be full of mediocrity. should just take each game as we come, theres no need in being pesimistick though. keep on trying lads
  4. aslong as you like oasis and blur it doesnt matter lol, i thought i never would like hip hop then i disovered del la soul, jurrasic 5, a tribe called quest etc, cant beat a good music debate!!
  5. tom weal is my hero, lol nice little friends reuninion here... is that mr lambert? yeah dec is a norwich fan has a season ticket. im the year above him at school and i know hes not a norwich fan, so silince
  6. no1 likes me... good old boy!!! mk1 volkswagen golfs are the way forwed, i am currently looking for an aprentaship in metal fabrication after finishing my course in graphic design i realised it wasnt for me lol
  7. supose the only good thing to come out of this thread is the fact that all you binners ever do is talk about the past, over the last 5 years norwich have been by far the better team and club. go rot
  8. how on earth can you give dublin a 5? he was supream yestorday, pure class act. near enough every move norwich made went through him.
  9. a vidio of me being interviewed about the possible signing of clinton morriosn 3 years ago, what a t@@ser
  10. Poor man''s Earnshaw wrote the following post at 24/02/2008 8:56 PM: I do not want that disgusting thug Taylor here... that tackle was horrendous jog on, its football these things happen, clearly no intention what so ever. give the bloke a brake, i for one hope glenn roeder does somethin to bring him here in the summer, and feel hes was, compared to the loans at the moment, the best loanee this season
  11. did any one else see him there? standing three places away from the chap who handed over the trophy, he makes my eyes bleed
  12. hello all, just want to ask why rugby followers arnt treated as badly as football fans, watching the match tonight and rules for them are soo laid back compared to the rules for us. i know football fans have a bad reputation in england but do you think if they relaxed the rules a little, eg. let people enjoy a pint whilst watching a match, mixed crowds etc... would that create less friction between the two? be intrested to know others views on this i for one think this would work...
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