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  1. oh ok then, how many surnames do you know that begin with a Z? not many which is why im not putting mine up on here, its pretty unique.
  2. i totally agree, they arent as fun as they used to be and its all down to over policing and stupid rules like making us play each other on a sunday morning. its craziness, its not like we are the most bitter rivals around anyway, plenty of other derby''s are played on a saturday afternoon. I could only name a few of your players too when many many moons ago i could list your entire team as well, seems we agree on this. Maybe a combined petition between the 2 rival supporters presented to the FA would help? I am pretty competent with computing and creating a website to accomodate this would be easy. Just an idea so let me know what you think, maybe for once team up and prove to the FA we arent just a bunch of thugs looking for a scrap any more, the fact that we have talked to get it running would be a start!
  3. anyway, im off for another season or so. In all seriousness, i would like to be playing you guys again but only if we dont go up, while it wouldnt be totally horrible to see Norwich go down i''d rather they tayed up (but only just :) good luck guys, see you all next year.
  4. what do you think after our recent playoff performances? That said, i did go to see Barnsley at Wembley a few years back and it was the best game ive ever been to, close to Inter at the San Siro where we took an absolute army. I hope we do get into the playoffs even if we dont go up as usual, weve got nothing to lose, in short...... i a''int holding my breath!
  5. it wasnt me who started the cathedral thing you wally, read back a few posts, i dont know what the fuss is about with it really. Agreed, previous posts were constructive which is my true colours, im just fed up of getting "cathedral envy" thrown back at me when noone else has a legitimate response to my posts. My recent responses have been less constructive due to the moronic responses from some of your fans. and as for the Drum and Monkey, dont make me laugh. I was a member of the IPS back in the day and that pub never got taken. Im not here to talk about who did what in which pub but it does anger me when you say you did something you only ever attempted a handful of times and were sent packing, same with the Cock and Pye and Hare and Hounds. It was all fun back in the day and just a part of the derby day, taking pubs was almost as big a part of the day as the match itself. Both Ipswich and Norwich fans have had thier arses handed to them over the years, to be fair neither club really had strong firms in comparison to some other clubs who have on occasion taken the Monkey.
  6. Not anything to do with that idiot. had the nickname before i was out of junior school. I was JayZ in Baghdad while he was still in his dad''s bag.
  7. this is just silly now, id rather have a good football team thanks which is just as well. People of Ipswich generally dont even want city status, we are proud of our small town with a big football club. anyway, anyone gonna talk about football or go on about cathedrals all day?
  8. this is a football forum, i cant find a link for a cathedral forum but if i do ill let you know.
  9. we''ll see next season when you go down. what''s with all this cathedral envy cr*p? We honestly dont care if you have one or not, this forum is about football and how does a cathedral fit into the equation?
  10. read some past posts mate, already done the cathedral thing and come to the conclusion that one of yours is a shed on a hill anyway and so what if you have one? considering this is a football discussion it really makes no difference who has one or not, it doesnt change football scores does it? dont forget what you just said, if we do go up i''ll take great pleasure in giving you a ribbing for it. I''d be careful what you say in your position anyway, relegation is a real possibilty for you guys so maybe we''ll have 2 things to write about here in a few weeks time.
  11. not really, its my name. used to be called Josie as in Wales shorted to Joe Z then JayZ donkeys years ago. thanks for the interest in my name but i''d concentrate more on the failure of your football team if i were you.
  12. ok fine but you live in a city! we live in a town and the difference is marginal at best!
  13. answer is yes, we are here just to be wind up merchants just like you guys do on the rare occasion you beat us on derby day. and ill be bored of this site before we beat Wolves, its just a bit of fun after derby day, all teams do it and to have a thread made by you guys because of us scummers winding you up is brilliant. thanks for an entertaining couple of days gloating. see you in a few seasons when you make it back up to the championship again.
  14. how does this work? Norwich is a huge city with lots of people yet they have a tiny crappy little stadium and still cant fill it regularly? Ipswich is a town with far less people in but still manages to draw a bigger average attendance than norwich every season. I dont understand how the scum can go on about how proud they are to be in such a nice big city saying us binners have cathedral envy (the idea still make me laugh) and then say we are a crappy little town..... but they still cant get attendances that warrant a bigger stadium like the town. say what you like boys, you cant argue with facts.  
  15. sorry, i only just noticed your post. Fair enough, you won a couple of league cups, does that make you feel better? campare those 2 cups to whats in our trophy cabinet and its not really worth saying is it?
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