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  1. Why on earth would people apologise for holding an opinion which they felt was right at the time? Ive been happy to be wrong but i cant apologise for feeling how i did a week a month or even a year ago, football fans are a passionate lot, we get twitchy when things arent going well and we go overboard when we win, and? I would certainly have our fans, good bad or indifferent than a lot of the plastic fans of other clubs. We all support our wonderful club regardless of opinions, feelings and actions on a flipping message board. OTBC
  2. Interesting stuff, why would *he* sue us it''s bizarre to say the least
  3. I think everythings fantastic, we are getting points and scoring goals.... Oh wait Seriously, I''m a little concerned at our lack of goals at the moment, but calling for CH to be sacked is plain stupid, gotta give him a fair chance. The players especially the strikers have to up their game though.
  4. It wasn''t the best game I''ve ever seen to be fair, nor the worst but I expected more after them being praised about their performance at tottenham
  5. I''m really hoping holt comes good, but on this seasons performances, as few as they have been, it''s not looking very good! Yes yes we all know he starts slow, but he looked very very off par today, lacking desire IMHO, jumping for the ball too early, on the wing one minute, in midfield another. Erm he''s a striker is he not? The general opinion around us in the lower barclay was that maybe we should have sold him, and on today''s performance, or lack of, I''m thinking that too.
  6. I think they underwrote us last season, i think that they have done the same again, whilst annoying that we didn''t get the praise we deserved last season i kind of liked being the underdog. It takes the pressure off. If they can tell we will be relegated or in a struggle then I''d like the lottery numbers for next weekend please. It''s still a long way off being end of season and who knows what ride we are in for.
  7. I''m not his biggest fan but the lad did well today, he seems in the past to lose concentration which has cost us dearly! But there wasn''t anything wrong with his performance today, in fact he played well. More of the same please.
  8. Will welcome him as with all new players, but have to say I''m disappointed it wasn''t a striker. There''s still time for that I guess, but if we don''t get a good striker then it''s gonna be a long ole season.
  9. Happy birthday Lapp hope it''s a good day
  10. Regardless of thoughts and opinions, which everyone is entitled to, there is really no need for personal abuse to anyone, especially a fellow ncfc supporter. Opinions are like a holes everyone has one. I''m really disappointed at Saturday''s result, really really disappointed, and as with all new managers we are bound to be a bit jittery if the first results don''t go our way. It''s the big unknown really, new players, new management team. We need to give him and the team time, until Xmas? Maybe maybe not. I can''t even think about relegation before the season has really got going, I will be more than concerned if by Xmas we still aren''t gaining momentum and points. Until we reach that time, if we do, Chris and the whole team will get my support, but I will have wobbles no doubt about it, I will probably also vent about players if they aren''t playing well. Creating a good atmosphere at carrow road and indeed away from home is essential, it lifts the team for sure. We can only do so much, the rest is down to the manager and team. OTBC
  11. It takes a bigger person to apologise, I don''t post on here often now but do read posts. Well done wiz mate and try to keep positive, CH won''t let us down and with McNally in charge we are in very good hands. As for the booze, mines a nice bottle of champers :0) OTBC
  12. Why let some no mark rile you up? He is nothing to us and is only jarred off because players aren''t interested in staying with a club which is sinking faster than the titanic. We have a player that feels the EPL is the place he wants to be, who could blame him! He wanted away, we employed him. It''s really not worth busting a blood vessel on someone and something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. OTBC
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