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  1. ur blinded by ur hatetred my freind.

  2. alot of poeple r saying norwich city r to nice and lack ambition not me saying this i have already said this what do u think.

  3. iam very sorry if i have offended u all its how it i feel about the club but should not attacked u. but i stick by my threads  but i will try to be positive sorry once again.
  4. chesterfeild canary i understand and respect ur comments and u havent attacked me as such like the rest on here the club have let us down and i have taken it out on fellow canarys.sorry
  5. didnt realise this english lesson anyone opinions my freind nice to see ur easily pleased like the board at ncfc
  6. watched my first game in 1985 4 0 win over leeds carrow road.
  7. where were u in 1995 1996 when we were getting crowds of 14000 and the ground emptying at halftime. probably not old enough u start coming in ur droves when we had 2 good seasons under worthy say no more .
  8. chris

    iam a doubter and

    wait till we have a bad spell u all be on here moaning as normal .

  9. chris

    world record loans

    iam a realist my freind un like the weather fans on here change there mind every day.

  10. chris

    world record loans

    glenn roeder 14 loans in under a year in charge wow.
  11. just say we get in the playoffs or promoted this season do u trust the board to move this club foward if we get to the prem on past displays i think not this board r happy being a middle table championship side i know that because delia said as much.
  12. chris


    theres no cause over the last years to be positive my freind or i would .
  13. chris


    like i said many a time all this takeover talk and few signings everything ok easy pleased norwich fans  .