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  1. I think we all need to remember that loaning a player isn''t exactly a cheap or ''free'' option nowadays. Most clubs ask for a fee to secure them for a year. The fact Angus has been involved with England this season and had a quite frankly outstanding season with us, I''d imagine Man Citeh will be asking for a much bigger fee this year - something we probably can''t or won''t afford. Sometimes there is more to it that just "choosing us over Leeds".
  2. Purely because anyone that isn''t Messi or Ronaldo Norwich fans moan. Not because of their name, age, race of gender. I guarantee if/when it''s announced Norwich fans will question the boards ambition and refusal to spend what they believe is a pocket of spare cash from the Pritchard transfers - much like every other link so far.
  3. Don''t you think if I knew his name I would say?! I''ve shared what I''ve been told which is a free transfer from Germany. That''s all I have to offer. They won''t tell me anymore than that.
  4. All I''ve been told is he''s recently played in Germany, but that doesn''t determine his nationality. I''m not doing it for bites or to claim I''m ITK. Just sharing what I know from a credible source.
  5. A signing is imminent, most likely to be confirmed later today. A striker (this one isn''t Srbeny) on a free transfer. Not sure fans will be very impressed.
  6. I''ve heard all the player affairs etc, but this is a first for me. This is direct from a friend at Colney (and no, I''m not making that up). Unless he''s on a wind up or someone has told him as a wind up...
  7. Rumour coming out of Colney this morning; Alex Tettey is in trouble. He sent a text message to what he thought was Alex Neil''s phone saying how unhappy he was with things at Norwich City. Turns out the club passed that phone on to Farke when he joined. Farke is unhappy receiving it. I have been told by a friend who works at Colney who is very reliable with information. *Don''t shoot the messenger*.
  8. My issue with Ricky Martin is nobody knows what he does, yet he''s managed to earn himself about 5 internal promotions since he was in charge of the academy.... Nobody has even explained what he does or what his role is. He seems an arrogant character who clearly knew his job was safe, until now. I am very happy to see him leave. Webber is having a massive shake up which is fine by me.
  9. I suppose the phrase ''bad press'' wasn''t quite right. Perhaps criticism would have been better. I am not for one second saying he''s a terrible player or has been terrible all season, but is the praise justified without criticism of his common mistakes?!.. Players like Pinto would suit a wing-back system, but I agree that fitness isn''t good enough. We''ve not looked as fit as we have in previous seasons imo.
  10. Is he actually as good as people make him out to be?! This season I have seen lots of praise for the lad, and some of it is justified. However, I may be in the minority who thinks he also deserves some bad press. I don''t think he''s as good as people think he is. His ability to take on a man and run the line is great. Fans love a player who does that, hence why most love him. But what else does he actually do?! His defensive ability is questionable and at times very poor. He never wins headers under pressure, mainly at the back post. We''ve conceded so many goals from his side this season it''s ridiculous. His final ball is terrible. For some of the positions he gets himself in to he should be doing so much better than he is. If you take away his main job of defending and also his final product, is he that good?! I''ve seen a lot of people saying he should be player of the season, but what for? Personal opinion and I await copious amounts of abuse from people. Good day!
  11. Right before the final whistle he was hobbling around after taking a knock. When the FT whistle went he was on his back stretching for a good 2/3 minutes and then made his way slowly around the pitch. I assumed he was trying to stretch whatever knock he had. I suggest no need to read in between the lines.
  12. This isnt a post to say I want an owner like Cellino or similar, this was more in response to people complaining why we can''t compete. Grass isn''t always greener for sure, but for us to move forward as a club investment is a must. Unfortunate for us it seems the current board are happy as a promotion challenging Div 1 team.
  13. So I''ve recently read both on here and Tw@tter a lot of people moaning that we are losing out on players or annoyed that we are selling in order to buy. Football is no longer about wanting to play for a single team due to their history, location in the country or the colour of the kit. Everything is about £££. As a football club we are consolidating as the chances of us being in this league for the next 2-5 years is extremely likely. It''s well known our owners are not the richest. Can we stop moaning about "losing out" to other clubs. The simple fact is that we cannot compete. Be realistic. We have to sell in order to buy. Let''s compare our finance''s to other teams in the league. It may shock you at how little we are worth and open your eyes as to why we don''t chuck money around; Brighton and Hove Albion + Tony Bloom; Reported in the billions Newcastle United + Mike Ashley: £2bn Reading + Narin Niruttinanon; Reported £400m Huddersfield Town + Dean Hoyle; £365m Leeds United + Massimo Cellino; £800m Sheffield Wednesday + Dejphon Chansiri; £700m Derby County + Mel Morris; £850m Fulham + Shahid Khan; £5.5bn Aston Villa + Tony Xia; £927m Wolverhampton Wanderers + Fosun Group; £450m Bristol City + Stephen Lansdown; £280m The reality is we are a small club in comparison to a number of teams in this league and we do not have the financial power to walk it. Delia''s love for the club is starting to drag us down. Investment is needed sooner rather than later.
  14. You cannot comment on his scoring record without first looking at what type of player he is... He''s not a fox in the box. He''s not a striker who will stand in the 18 yard area waiting for the ball to come to him and finish it top corner. He also isn''t a striker who just thrives off crosses all the time. He has a lot more to his game, and if you ask Palace fans about his performances before last year a lot will say he was very decent...! There are loads of strikers like him around who I''m sure you would piss your pants over. Saying his scoring record is terrible is a very naive way of looking at it. Before questioning that, look at what sort of striker he is. He can hold up play, allowing attacking MF''s to join in and even get in behind him. Something we currently do not have. How many times do we see Jerome run the channels, only for NOBODY to be in the box waiting.... Before you slate, wait to see him. Before questioning his scoring ability, take actual facts about his playing style. To make some of you even more happy, I don''t think signing him is a bad thing. Much better option than Jerome Sinclair imho.
  15. As said this morning;BBC Radio Norfolk@BBCNorfolkBBC Radio Norfolk understands former Arsenal and Palace striker Marouane Chamakh has been training with #ncfc with a view to joining club.
  16. [quote user="Green and Yellow fellow"]Source?[/quote] Groundsman.
  17. Marouane Chamakh will be signing on a free. Currently at Colney at I type this. Free agent after being released by Palace.
  18. Sterling who is an England starter, playing for Liverpool, scores goals and gets lots of assists? Redmond has played more first team games than Sterling, and yet he is still regarded as having "potential". He''s not doing the business on a regular basis, therefore if someone offers upwards of £8m I would happily consider it. You could say he always looks brilliant for U21''s - Is that because the quality of footballer is less than those playing in the Championship? I would say so..
  19. Where is the ambition? What about fun AND money? Surely being a strong mid table team with loads of money is fun. Seeing Norwich go up against the top players in the world. Who is to say that we will be in another dog fight next year? This season has been immense, and if we go up I will truly miss it. But I would much prefer us to be in the Prem.
  20. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]what great vision by Josh... 99.9% of players would have tried going outside the defender. To hit it so early and so well shows just where his "footballing brain" is. Goal of the season for me..[/quote]Really?!...
  21. Ohwooooo Alex Tettey, the pride of Norway, at Carrow Roooaadd.He plays in green and yellow and the fans we all adore, he smashed it past Mannone and we want to see some moreOhwooooo Alex Tettey ......And so on!
  22. I''m sure clubs have made contact, but the board aren''t going to come out and say who. If a club offers the money that we are happy with them I am sure all parties will cooperate. He''s got no chance this season imo.
  23. My opinion is that if Surman had a bit more pace about him he would easily be a bottom half Prem player. The tactical side is there, the skillful side is there, he just lacks that extra yard of pace. For the Championship he is a top quality player, and I personally hope he is in the plans for next season.
  24. McNally would not be seen in public with someone who is in contention. That would be naive.IF Zola was at Dunston Hall, it would be on his own and I would assume any form of meeting would be held at Colney under lock and key.
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