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  1. And for the record the cost of my season ticket to me works out at £22 per game.
  2. Genuinely thinking about selling, putting the feelers out as obviously it''s a tough decision as I''ve been a fan for 26 years. The reason is work commitments as I''m self employed and inundated at the moment, and genuinely don''t have the same passion for football in general anymore, priorities lay etc, and £75??? I gather you''re on the wind up!
  3. How much would someone offer me for the remainder of the season? Barclay lower block e row t
  4. To the tune of magic. Ho ho ho it''s Cameron, You knowwwww, always believe he''ll score goalssss. Not difficult
  5. Oh Oh Oh he''s magic, you knowwww Vadis Odjidja Ofoooooe, He''s magic, you knowwww Vadis Odjidja Ofoooooe...
  6. Good. Well either way I''m passing on what I know, and in his defence everything he''s said this season has been spot on.
  7. No I signed up a couple of years ago, but lost interest in all the brainless comments. Just signed in to share what I heard. I''m sure you ain''t full of it face to face are you :)
  8. That''s exactly my thoughts, but this came from an ex player, who still is very much involved with the club.
  9. They have stuck with hughton because there is a clause in his contract, it states if we fall into the Bottom three at any time we can sack him for very little. Out of bottom three would be a good few million.
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