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  1. Same here, hopefully it''ll be sorted out before K/o
  2. [quote user="Pro"] my game was spoiled yesterday by a bunch of idiots on the far left hand side of the away support (if ur looking at the pitch) near to the back. one was a lanky b******, constant unfunny remarks and childish behaviour. i mean chanting the theme to casualty when players are injured, just stupid. i hope they dont come to many more away games. anyone else have the displeasure?   On the ball city [/quote]   I was sitting in that area and thought the guys were hilarious, the casualty theme tune was great. I guess it just proves for each our own. The canary call pisstakes by them were funny aswell in my opinion. Sorry if you didnt like it, but we have some threads on here say the atmosphere was lacking yesterday, but guys like those make it all the more enjoyable for me anyway.
  3. [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="scrimmage"][quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="barryevans"] played 2  1 goal and he will back scoring on a regular basis, lambert is just installing him with some confidence so can people stop knocking it , just so they have somthing to moan about. [/quote]ummmm NO he has been sh*te for a while now...Theo 1 bad game not in the team anymore....Curo loads and loads and loads of sitters missed still in the team[/quote] But Curo BLEEDS yellow and green!![/quote]so do i...but im sure i wouldnt get a game!!! [;)][/quote]   So does Theoklitos, just for different reasons. (spose its more Green and Gold) [:P]
  4. [quote user="city-till-i-die"] Gold medal winner Caster Semenya is furious at having to take a gender test...she said at a press confrence..."After my success on the track, this comes as a right kick in the boIIocks [:D] [/quote]   Did you know that, quite aptly, Caster Semenya is an anagram of ''Yes, a secret man''
  6. I was at the game last night, and have re-watched it on Sky twice this morning, Goals number 2 and 3 are on Whaley not Otsemobor, if anyone at all specifically. 2nd. Whaley has the ball and Otsemobor overlaps into a gaping space left open by the Sunderland midfield. (if he hadn''t have got forward we would have been complaining, and any good Full Back would have done the same, a Bosingwa, Cole, Lahm would all have made the same run) for some reason, Whaley cuts in across the midfield and doesnt pass to Otsemobor in space, or once he runs out of opportunities in the midfield, instead of playin it back across to Lapping who is open at Left Back, he tries an outside of the foot pass through 3 players to Adeyemi, at this point Otsemobor had pushed forward, and Whaley has been draw across. If you are being picky about it the centre backs should have drifted to the right to cover for this, and he Left Back tuck in and Left Mid take the Left Backs man. Sunderland break quickly and Reid is left unmarked because Otsemobor has made that run upfield and Whaley nor the Defence have covered. Our main problem yesterday was lack of shape and organisation throughout the team, and in my view this stems from Hoolahan, but thats for a different time. 3rd goal, the fans are screaming at the lies of Hoolahan, Holt, Adeyemi and Daley to close down Sunderland in the corner by the snake pit. We win the ball back and then i think Adeyemi got tackled straight after. By the over pursuit we have 4 players out of position and Lappin had pushed forward to close this space down. To allow for this, and rightfully so, the two Centre Backs and Otsemobor have shifted across, much like what should have happened for the 2nd Goal, but Whaley, again, lets Reid run past him down the Sunderland left to join the attack, at this point Whaley should have been covering more towards the Right Back position as our defence had drifted to the left to cover for the pushing up of Lappin and Hoolahan. Reid was of course open for the square ball after Otsemobor had been forced to track the inside run of Campbell, Otsemobor sent him wide well and rightfully positioned himself in between the goal and the ball. Campbell played a wonderful pass to Reid across the box. the only complaint you could have about Otsemobor is not stopping that pass, but to be fair he was more worried about Campbell shooting from there and rightfully so, even the Sky commentators say that Campbell was very unselfish not to have a go himself. The good news is in League One i doubt both of those goals go in, 2nd being a wonderful finish by Reid and the 3rd being a sweeping break and i cant see many League One strikers having the presence of mind to square the ball to Reid, who i''d question would even be there if it was League One. Otsemobor played well last night, but again i know he has played terrible before, just having a go at him for last nights performance is a tad harsh, there were poorer players out there last night, hopefully this is a continued improvement from him as i beleive he has the potential <<Keyword<< to be a good player. I hope Lambert can maximise the ability in him.  
  7. Doc''s time should be up, thanks to the bloke for the commitment he is shown but he is just not good enough. At fault for the 1st and 4th Goals. The 4th he had the man marked, ran directly to meet the ball perfect defending, then DUCKED! That ball was on his head the whole way until he actually got there. The 1st, well, typical Doherty, falling over and looking a prat. I think even he would hold his hand up for that goal. Now the rest of the game, he turns his back on the ball too much for a defender, nicely portrayed by the through ball in the second half that hit him on the back of the legs. Also in the second half, he did make a nice clearing tackle on the edge of the box, taking it away from the Sunderland forward just before he shot, but to be honest, the reason the guy was in the opportunity was because Doherty was playing him onside in the build up, when Spillane, Otsemobor and Lappin pushed up when the ball was played across the Sunderand midfield he stood back and allowed that space to be created. We appear to have it a bit backwards at the moment, when we have the ball, the defensive line is rather high, then when the opposition get it we are too deep. This makes it harder for the midfield to do their part in defending, as they have more ground to cover. One other thing i have noticed about to be fair, both of the centre halves tonight, was that they didnt show for the ball at the back. dropping off and creating space for the midfield when we had the ball. Throw ins in our half, if either of them could drop 10 yards and show for it, it pulls an opponent towards them and allows people like Adeyemi and Tudur-Jones to have a simple lay off for the ball. Fair play he wins his fair share of headers, but at the same time he is clambering over the back of the striker. He can defend long ball, only if he has a free run at the ball, he drops as the ball is kicked well and then attacks it once he has judged the line. It''s when he is in tight marking and when he is turned that he has a problem. I think it was Campbell that out ran him in the second half on a run towards the Snakepit, despite Doherty have a few yards head start, he should have used his strength and not let him run around him shielding that ball whilst going for it. Whilst i admit he can get his head on alot of balls played into the defence, he doesn''t direct the clearance well. Too often i saw the Sunderland midfield pick up his defensive headers. I think he, and to be honest the rest of the defence for us, learn to head the ball back to the keeper. The Sunderland defence did this well and it instantly stops an attack if done. I just dont see it from our defence enough, if at all. Sorry the post veered abit off topic but i think Doherty just sums up well whats wrong with our defence. It''s time for a change, he is the only constant from the Premier League demise, he has gone through tw relegations with us. Just shocks me that people think he is good, i dont want to come across as saying i''m more knowledgable abot this than those, but from what i''ve noticed everytime Doherty has done something well, there has normally been a mistake by him that has caused it, or dealt with it earlier in the build up of the attack.  
  8. Scum, home, last year, they noticed that tit we have in the Barclay that wears pink for attention every home game, started ''whos the w***** in the pink?!''   To which the Barclay quickly replied, ''who''s the w***** in the blue?!'' i think the Ipswich fans even clapped that one.
  9. [quote user="Yelverton Yella"][quote user="Downloads"] Considering he''s played so well its sort of torn me a bit, it looked a straight case of Hughes partnered with OTJ or Gill, now there''s a forth in the mix. The kid is what 17? Maybe with his body still developing and it being a high pressured season with most fans predicting us to go straight back up, maybe he could be the one to come off the bench if a sub is made? And if he continues to impress maybe use him more and more. It''s close though. I''m a believer in if you''re good enough you''re young enough, but have a sort of a Wenger mentality. Giving youngsters a chance but not heaping everything on them. [/quote] The lad has his A2''s to do next year as well! No shortage of pressure then! [/quote] A friend of mine, who goes to school with him, told me the other day that he has already sat some of his A2''s a year early, easing that specific burden a wee bit. He is just one of those sickening people who are good at everything. Whilst i agree dont place too much pressure on the lad, I believe he''ll be able to cope with what is thrown at him this season, on all fronts.
  10. [quote user="bluemike"]I couldn''t help but notice how much importance is put on attendances by you guys on this board, playing on the fact NCFC are the best supported club in East Anglia. Funnily enough these statistics appear to suggest otherwise, last 3 seasons apart the opposite is in fact the case. Ave Attendance          ITFC             NCFC 2009                           20,951           24,543 2008                           21,935           24,523 2007                           22,445           24,545 2006                           24,253           24,952 2005                           25,651           24,350 2004                           24,520           18,987 2003                           25,455           20,353 2002                           24,426           18,644 2001                           22,532           16,525 2000                           18,524           15,539 1999                           16,932           15,760 1998                           14,893           14,445 As ive stated previously too, taking into account the difference in populations we are far and away the better supported club, us being a little "Town" whilst Norwich is a "Large" city. Your words not mine. [/quote]   I know there is a debate going on about percentages of stuff and whatnot, i just thought i''d point out its 4 seasons not 3. No one else seemed to notice that.
  11. Grimsby Town, they play in Cleethorpes
  12. as the previous poster realised, they were our academy boys, Tom Adeyemi was infront of the scummers during the first half, Sam Habergham was the next alongside the Jarrold and Kenny Reeves was the one on the loud side of the Barclay. they were the only ones i could recognise from where i sit. so by whinging at our ballboys (btw i do realise most of these posts are joking, and really hope the OP was aswell,) we are complaining at our youth set-up again.
  13. boy do i look a fool now! DUUHHHHHHHHH i''ll sit in the corner with my dunces hat on. jeez i knew i dropped maths for a reason i apologise mate. sorry [:$] dont mind me
  14. [quote user="Yellow Rages"] Three men book a hotel room. The room costs 30 pounds and the men pay ten pounds each. After arriving in the room, the men are dissapointed by the size and complain to reception. The manager agrees to refund them five pounds and sends the bell boy up with five pound coins. The bell boy can work out how to divide the five pounds by three people so he gives them a pound back each and keeps two for himself. The men have now paid 9 pounds each, which is 27 pounds in total. The bell boy has 2 pounds. 27+2=29. Where is the missing pound? [/quote] lost somewhere in your maths book? only joking.  9x3 is 28 not 27. so thats where your missing pound went. you aint NCFC accountant/CEO are you[;)]
  15. [quote user="yellow hammer"][quote user="Canary Nut"] Barry, I was having a fantasy moment dreaming that NCFC Plc. might spend some new money on the playing squad.  After all they have  to convince us to renew our season tickets next spring. You may be closer to reality!!     [/quote] Can a leper change its spots?? [/quote]   no but maybe its limbs.. please tell me you meant to put leopard....[:)]
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