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  1. Good to see odidja getting a chance and lafferty up to the bench
  2. A young chap asks his mammy for something to wear and something he can play with fir Christmas.... ....she bought him a pair of trousers and cut holes in the pockets!!
  3. Same here unlikely could afford myself and the wife going over to London... Are there many irish canaries iterested in meeting up
  4. i was looking at the flights and the dublin stansted one is the most reasonable...then bus down from stansted to finchley..have to check the finances...id luv to go!!!
  5. tipp canary here...wone be able tio get away to watch the semis...but will definitely sort out time off for the final providing we make it!
  6. i put a fiver on redmond at 10-1, tettey scored the goal, but paddypower paid out on redmond cos skysports had redmond down as first goalscorer!!! so a handy 50 quid !!!..can they take that back off me??? hope not!
  7. have booked tickets for the game on saturday..section h in the jarrold stand..through canaries website and can someone plese confirm that they are with the home supprters!!!!
  8. hey there lads ...heading over to carrow road for the southampton game...travelling from ireland with my son..first visit!!!!...was just wondering where is the best place to go prior to kick off??the gunn club ??any good..any suggestions?
  9. points??honestly i havent been over to a match since villa away last year..so with it being only the second away game u think maybe id struggle with tickets???
  10. I know its early to be enquiring but im planning on going over to the match at white hart lane in sept...booking flights from ireland ...very cheap at the minute with ryanair...anyone know what the story is with tickets....do we normally sell out our away allocation at white hart lane??....theres no way im going all the way over to sit amongst the spurs supporters!!...any one able to help/?cheers
  11. will ch have problems keeping his squad happy???i do honestly think he may offload crofts smith and adeyemi...or send them out on loan...but to be perfectly honest we dont have a clue what ch has in store for us..i dont persoannly think lb is  major problem....tierney..lappin...and isnt whittaker able to play either full back berth..i dont know i thought  thats what was said when he signed
  12. lads i really dont know what starting 11 ch is going to start with against fulham..here goes.. ruddy martin bennett turner tierney           johnson howson pilks      hoolahan   snodgrass                 holt   but to be fair...its absolutely impossible to call....so many players you could have a case for to start...its really exciting times at carrow road!!!        
  13. didnt realise it was so hard to get tickets,....might just sneak into the home end..at white hart lane..thanks for the advice anyway....AND..no relation to the john ryan,,,but thats how i started supporting them...way back in about 1976/77....as a young impressionable 6 yr old...wow my namesake plays for norwich city...!!there not a lot of norwich supprters in this neck of the woods..however having chris hughton in charge now...and if we can get a couple of guys declaring and playing for ireland....might improve the support over here.
  14. hey there lads..irish fan here trying to organise going over to a couple of games....possibly tottenham away, newcastle away..and a couple more im looking at... Have no idea what the story is wioth tickets for the spurs away game..could anyone shed a little light on the best way to get a ticket in the norwich end..im not a member..any ideas??
  15. thats great ..thanks!!///ill wait until newcastle qualify for group stages and book it rthen.thanks again
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