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  1. [quote user="promotion chasing CT "] How am I attention seeking? Made the point about the Doherty and his supposed call up that I wasnt sure about. I stand corrected I admit. With all this positivity you''d think that promotion was assured! Just dont think we should get too ahead of ourselves is all... [/quote] attention seeker
  2. remember that game just a couple of chavs singing 10 of you singing , theirs only 10 of you singing
  3. if we stayed in this leauge for a few seasons it would soon drop
  4. [quote user="onebobbyrobson"] The fact is your a division 3 side we are a championship club We still be a championship club next season, you will be a division 3 club Oh by the enjoy the fa cup draw today Enjoy the first round of the cup as that the furtherest you''re gonna get  ha ha [/quote] go sniff a sock
  5. [quote user="Brendan"] I think we can and will finish 2nd. Leeds will only win the league due to them being 11 points above us now, but i think it will be alot less come may. 1. Leeds 2. Norwich 3. Charlton 4. Mk Dons 5. Col U [/quote] take out leeds and their is 10-11 teams that could fill the other 5, don''t think colutd or charlton will be up their come the end of the season 
  6. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]Last season I was against a club like Reading loaning Lita to us and not being allowed to play him against them when in the same league. I felt we were disadvantaged by it but the rules are stil the same so why don''t we loan players like Whaley to clubs like Stockport or Tranmere in the hope they help take points off the top teams such as Leeds in the way that Lita did against Wolves last season. Also it would give our fringe players competitive football rather than reserve football.[/quote] why thought whaley was crap and evreyone wanted him out a few weeks ago. shows fans judge players to easy,  
  7. [quote user="Pro"] my game was spoiled yesterday by a bunch of idiots on the far left hand side of the away support (if ur looking at the pitch) near to the back. one was a lanky b******, constant unfunny remarks and childish behaviour. i mean chanting the theme to casualty when players are injured, just stupid. i hope they dont come to many more away games. anyone else have the displeasure?   On the ball city [/quote] what where you doing sitting down in silence, with you arms folded, chill old man
  8. [quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="Romantic"]It''s actually a tad annoying. All I did was point out that he wasn''t you and he immediately changed his name to an albeit badly spelled version of mine. Were he erudite, witty, observational, acerbic and wise I''d probably just hold my peace and let you all think he''s me! What - in answer to your question Wiz, can I do about it? I''ve quietly and politely PMd him to ask whether he''d change it, but he''s ignoring me. [/quote] Click report, bottom right, in that case mate, or contact the web team, its becoming a pain now........again! [/quote] you snitch
  9. [quote user="In the blood"] Any thoughts about Lambert getting MotM award for October? With a good result tomorrow, he''s got to be in with a shout. If so, anyone nervous about the kiss-of-death the award is for the managers next match, ours being against Paulton?!?!?   [/quote] don''t worry no chance of this kickin in
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