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  1. Newcastle, Australia  Staying up til 2am to help the Canaries cause ole! [:D]
  2. City 3 - 1 Wednesday Cureton, Dublin and Russell Goal scorers [:)]
  3. Oh nice good luck to him hope he performs well [:D]
  4. We''ll send Sheffield Wednesday down ole! [:D]
  5. I''ve seen a fair few supporters over here in Aus usually spot 1 or 2 a fortnight at A-League games [:D]
  6. Would love to see Bristol City in the EPL andd see Nick Carle playing against the best [:)] after leaving my club in Aus, the Newcastle Jets!
  7. He was rubbish at Sydney FC, rubbish at Brentford and i can''t see the scotts improving in a hurry [H]
  8. Oops my mistake read the article thought it was in french so assumed it was a french club [:S]
  9. LA Galaxy are garbage!!! Sydney Fc from our lowly A-League beat em 5-3 the Galaxy were outplayed convincingly and never looked in control hahahah!
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