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  1. Thank you and good luck, Adam. As already said, you have never let the club down and have never let yourself down because you have been thoroughly professional and have always given 100%. It has been a huge added bonus that you are a really decent person. You deserve every success at your new club. but I hope you come back here when you decide to hang up your boots! Norfolk will miss you. (My abiding memory of you will be your last gasp headed equaliser against Middlesbrough. That comeback was amazing and it couldn''t have fallen to anyone more appropriate than you. Brilliant! )
  2. On my way to Norwich the morning of the Scunny game I saw 1 magpie to my left and 2 to my right in the same village. My football brain cell said sorrow to the left (us) and joy to the right (away team - them). You can''t get the birds these days I''m afraid!!!
  3. If we make it to the league with the unmentionable name - I won''t utter it until all is done and dusted - do any of you think that PL will take the attitude that this excellent City team has earned the right to have a go and therefore there will be very few additions to what we already have? Sorry if this has been discussed in recent days/weeks but I don''t have too much time to read and/or post on here - I have my body armour on in case!
  4. Oops - sorry about all the s! They weren''t in my preview and so assumed they wouldn''t be in the message. Oh well ! Live and learn!
  5. Dear Messrs Jones, Clough and anyone else (including players) who didn''t like the scheduling of Norwich''s game with the Binners last Thursday, Please try calling 01473 613500 - (Suffolk Constabulary). Someone on the helpdesk will try to explain to you the cause of your distress. If you are becoming ill because of your obsessive thoughts and musings then you may try 999 instead, however, there is no guarantee that any of the emergency vehicles attending you will have staff with sufficient patience, or tranquilisers, to calm you to a level at which your focus can be turned to what it should be on at the moment! Norwich City Football Club is in no way responsible for the scheduling of fixtures...so damn well stop moaning at us! Lots of love, McNasty P.S. Do you recall NCFC moaning publicly when, in recent weeks, we had to play 3 games in 7 days and you didn''t. Thought not. It''s called keeping your head down and getting on with it!
  6. Drury''s header to equalise right at the death v Boro was amazing (for those still there!) From 1-4 to 4-4 in 10 minutes was very special. Ashton and McKenzie scoring v Man Utd the same season. Those were great celebrations. Rooney on the pitch for a couple of minutes before being booked by Howard Webb! (One of the best non-scoring celebrations I can remember). Hucks'' goal v Cardiff the season we won the league. Collected the ball in our own half, left the defenders in front of him in his wake, one by one, and finished so clinically. Cue the roof being blown off. Boxing Day 2003 - most emotional celebration as Hucks was introduced as our very own player for the first time. Grown men (and women, of course!) with tears in their eyes. Won''t ever forget that in a hurry! (THE best non-scoring memory for me). Any goals against the Binmen. They''re are all mental celebrations. Malky''s double was very sweet!
  7. Please could you ask Dean what, in his opinion, made the Crewe academy such a successful one and whether he thinks there might be a role for him within football somewhere in the future? Many thanks.
  8. I shall never forget his voice. He was and will remain the voice of all things NCFC and Norfolk. I had the privilege of meeting him and his enthusiasm was infectious. I hope the club does something fitting in his memory. RIP Roy and my condolences to his family and close friends.
  9. Thing is you can only beat what''s out there in front of you and some of it is not that pretty, or skillful, to be honest - but we''re definitely playing better than the dross of last season. If most of the squad stays together into next season AND we manage to get promoted (notice no chicken counting - yet!) AND we make a few decent signings then things could really start to blossom nicely. For now, I''m just glad for the momentum and togetherness the team has as that counts for more than we can probably imagine.
  10. I too would pay a small amount to watch a stream of those games I cannot get to. It''s infuriating seeing him indoors streaming the game every week he cannot get to Slumford Bridge while I am stuck with the text stream to find out how the boys are doing - (glad though I am to have it!)
  11. I shall never forget Boxing Day 2003. I literally ran full pelt down the hill to get to the ground so I didn''t miss anything. The atmosphere was electric and spirits so high. And when the man himself walked onto the pitch as a City player for the first time, through my own tears, I could see so many grown men crying. What truly amazing days, and, in the words of some adman somewhere, completely and utterly priceless! Thanks Darren for everything. You will never be forgotten in the fine city.
  12. Has anyone else noticed that the trend during the tenure of the last 3 (chronologically speaking) is ''down down deeper and down''? Small wonder the anger and despair hey?! If I got one student out of four, or even one out of three, through their exams I wouldn''t expect to have a job for very long.
  13. Very good Chris Lakey. However - just a few words for Bryan Gunn - arrogant to the nth degree! Pride comes before a fall and, with one of the size I see coming, I suspect Mr Gunn is going to need shares in something a bit more heavy duty than Elastoplast!
  14. The last time I saw Eddy was at the Elton John gig at CR. (He sat on the row behind me next to Darren Huckerby + familty). I asked him if he was going to stay at City and he replied that he very much wanted to but it didn''t look like he was going to kept on. I remember that I wished him luck and he shook my hand while saying thanks. Nice guy so no hesitation in wishing him good luck at Burton!
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