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  1. Never understood why he got so much stick, fair enough he was far from brilliant but he always tried and looked like he gave a toss unlike a few from that period.
  2. Try to see things from his perspective. I tried, but I couldn''t get my head that far up my arse...
  3. [quote user="paul moy"] Ah, but socialists are purported to be the moral leaders of the community, so he should have owned up.  Maybe some of the self-righteous lefties on here will  now remain quiet. Personally, I don''t see what Hughton had to gain by his actions. He is not a poor man and he has now been denigrated by his own hand. Sad IMO. [/quote]Pardon me, but one of the reasons I love football is that it''s generally a politics-free zone. Pleasantly devoid of flag waving morons of one colour or the other who still haven''t grasped the fact that whoever you vote for, the government still gets in. By the time they get anywhere near real power, politicians are self-serving, lying, thieving parasites almost to a man.Now can you f*** off out of a football forum with your politics, tory boy.
  4. [quote user="Mister Chops"]Wouldn''t grass his driver up, I respect that.  If my work driver did that, I''d do exactly the same thing.  If I didn''t, I''d probably end up with a divorce petition.[/quote]Not necessarily. He may just have been slack about sending back the form. Holt attended court for a similar offence not long after joining us. A relatively minor offence becomes more serious if the paperwork isn''t sent back and means court attendance becomes inevitable. [quote user="tom cavendish"]CH has a responsibility to say who drove his car whilst speeding. I know people that have lost loved ones because of speeding drivers losing control.[/quote]With respect, like Mr C you are merely speculating on a case where, like the rest of us, all you know is the charge. That''s why we have courts.[quote user="paul moy"]... and he is a socialist. Says it all really.[/quote]And that has what to do with his honesty? Or his ability as a football manager for that matter...hasn''t done Alex Ferguson any harm.
  5. [quote user="GJP"] And I''m really not going to do my forum popularity any favours with this one but I never saw him as a great player either. He was a decent player who was lucky enough to begin his career with us during some high points for the club. And I''m sure he had enough about him to cut out a decent career in the game. But to me he was nowhere near the standard of someone like Darren Huckerby.  [/quote] Ok, I was accepting though not agreeing with what you said up to this point as opinion. But seriously? Eadie was frighteningly cool. Stupidly quick. I stood in the Barclay and saw enough to know that he was one of the most talented and exciting players I''ll ever see in the green and yella...the only way the oppostion could stop him was by kicking him, sadly. Yes Hucks was a legend for us and achieved more with us than Eadie had a chance to. But if I had to choose my favourite winger-cum-striker-cum-run around like a mad thing player for City...Eadie nicks it for me. Almost feel bad saying that, cos Hucks gave me so many moments to remember, but...blas me bor, he wuz quick that Eadie :)
  6. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"]Morison hasn''t put in enough effort in the last 2 games and his body language stinks of bad atitude!   This is what fans who follow the games closely have rightly picked up on and have criticised him for it!   That is not player bashing! [/quote]1, I disagree.2, Even if the above opinion is correct, I''d suggest Lambert is the person to make a judgement on it. Your opinion (like mine) is irellavent.Can we get back to supporting our football team now please?
  7. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="morrisons black eye"][quote user="smiley"]I think he could be gone by the end of the season, and its his way of maybe disconnecting with the fans so to speak. If the club don''t give him the money in Jan i bet he''ll be gone by mid March. Hope i''m wrong.[/quote]He has never critised the fans since he has been here. Also the pre match interview he seemed peed off. I don''t like his body language ATM it is a bit concerning to me and i am wondering if he has had his head turned by a bigger club. Hope i am wrong but something does not seem right with him. [/quote]Yep, Norwich fans all over. Lambert says get behind the team. That translates to "I''m pissed off and i''m leaving".Why people find the need to consistently come up with worst-case scenario''s and start regarding them as fact i have no idea.And i completely agree with Lambert. Atmosphere was very flat - Fulham fans didnt help but i felt we started to groan and moan a bit too much on saturday. We were playing a very good side with much stronger financial backing and a much more premiership-experienced squad than us. We weren''t as fans, half as patient as the players were.And those who are saying "well i wouldnt be surprised if he buggars off in January" can quite frankly, fcuk off and show some respect to one of the best managers we''ve had.[/quote]Agree for the most part. The atmosphere was not just flat against Fulham, it''s been little other than flat for much of the season.I realise that there are areas of the ground where getting a song going is going to be like lighting a campfire in a tsunami, but the lower Barclay should not be one of them. Seriously, I''d rather the stand be half empty than half full of the sort of numpties who think we have a god given right to convincingly beat anyone outside the top 4 at home. Unlike them, football isn''t that simple.
  8. [quote user="bringbackandyhughes"]What a great surprise Huckerby gives NCFC man of the match to his best mate Adam Drury. So predictable. Yes he did have a steady game and it was nice to see him back and still up to his reliable standards but for me Whitbread was immense and without him we would have conceded many more.[/quote]Were you at the game? Drury was MOM for me too. Whitbread had a decent enough game but I thought some of his balls out of defence were poor on occasion. Drury edged it for me.
  9. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"][quote user="Rupethebear"]If Paul Lambert is looking for a young English defender then he won''t be looking any futher than James Chester from Hull City.[/quote] 23 in Jan 2012. Interesting suggestion Rupethebear. [/quote]He''s good in Football Manager ;)
  10. While the internet still exists, people will stream matches. It might get a bit more difficult to find decent streams at times, but Murdoch doesn''t own the internet and he''d be pissing into the wind to try and stop them.
  11. [quote user="Yellow Rages"][quote user="Yellow Rages"] I know you are not suppost to mention any negatives about our performances on this board but I do think that we did lay down and accept our fate a bit in the second half. Something we''ve not seen so far this season but deny it all you want, it did happen today. The gulf in class is obvious and something we can do nothing about but I''m sure Lambert will not be happy with the way we folded. [/quote] Right, just watched the game again on MOTD and sure enough just to confirm my initial thoughts, we gave in. Thought I''d have another look just incase I was caught up in the moment but no. Good example was Hoolihan strolling back after loosing the ball whilst TWO man city players ran past him for the 5th goal. Didn''t even bother to track either of them. I know I''m not supposed to pick up on anything our players do wrong and I''m sure I''ll be told I''m,casting doom, saying we''ll get relegated, a fair weather fan, fickle and all the other gut reactive nonsence that comes out when someone dares pick up on an area we need to improve on but as sure as Petr Czech wears a gimp mask now, we gave in today. Face it, understand it, move on. OTBC. [/quote]Get a grip. A few minutes of highlights on MOTD does not sum up a game. 2 of the goals were mistakes. We were well beaten by a very good Man City side. What part of that are you having trouble coming to terms with?
  12. [quote user="Sir Humphrey Appleby"][quote user="cityangel"]Out come the moaners, [:$] [/quote]Sorry to correct you CA but he isn''t a moaner, he is a Binner! Seven wins on the bounce and they are still more concerned with us, amazing.[/quote]This.Look at the user name, look at the fact he only ever starts ridiculously controversial threads slating the team, it doesn''t take a genius to work out what he''s about.He''s about losing 7 games on the bounce, obviously!We did try to tell the scummers that Jewell loves a good spanking...
  13. [quote user="TIL 1010"]I now make it six of your very own threads on the front page Bly.Do you have a life?[;)][/quote]Says the man who counted them and took the time to post in at least one.
  14. [quote user="forte"]Just cut out that sh*t "we love you we love you" and "we support our local team" awful chants.[/quote]What are you, the self appointed song police?
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