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    Footballers Facebook Status Updates/Ongoings....

    Glenn Roeder has the world''s highest scores on Mafia Wars and Doodlejump and has installed 3 new barns on his farm.
  2. Romantic

    Time to look back?

    I said at the time that I wholeheartedly disagreed with anyone who was hoping for defeat and ultimately relegation - and I stick by that. If we''re playing the what ifs game; what if McNally had been installed in time to approach Lambert (as was clearly on his mind from day one) whilst we were above the relegation zone in the Champ and with calendar opportunities to transfer in and out? We''d still be up and feeling about as healthy as we will by mid season next term. I''d never want a loss for my team. Change yes - but there''s ways of implimenting change without awaiting desperation.
  3. No ''everyone'' doesn''t Wiz. I never assume anything. Not as a City supporter. It will be a tough ask I think, but the bookies (and they''re right a lot more often than they''re wrong) have us to win it. It''s nice to know that opinion and trend are in our favor for a change.
  4. Romantic

    Grant Holt & Johan Elmander

    Ahh but have any of you seen this? This is really very funny indeed!http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/chelsea/16453/shit-lookalikes-classic-john-terry-the-transsexual.html
  5. Romantic

    Grant Holt & Johan Elmander

    Never seen in the same place at the same time!
  6. Parking wise it''s tighter than a gnat''s chuff around the ground. I suggest that you try to stash it at Redbridge or on the road near Fairlop or Barkingside and tube it to the ground from there.
  7. [quote user="Gingerpele"]

    I think Bellamy would come back to Norwich.....he seems like the kinda person Hucks is, very passionate, not so worried about the money (plus the last year or two at Man.C will have him set for life :P)

    The only problem would be is the League, he may not be so willing to drop leagues, since he can still obviously do a very good job in the Prem....


    !!!!!!! and indeed ???????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I love the smell of satire in the morning.
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    our friend Jonny Foreginer has no half time entertainment. I have long been an advocate of this.

    Anyone who has watched football abroad will find watching the subs or chatting to the person next to you is the half time entertainment!

    Lets stick to that next season shall we?

    [/quote]Amen! And while we''re at it let''s get rid of the goal music!!! No amound of samba based neo celebratory party antheming could have improved on the spine tingling sound of the roof lifting off Carrow Road. I can''t get my head round people voting in favor of that rubbish in a recent pol. Oh and while I''m at it, stop choreographing the start of On The Ball City too. Leave it to us - we can do it! Check out the away fans we never fail.
  10. Romantic

    Member / Tickets for Gillingham

    That''s pretty definitive then! Apologies to the OP if he / she bought a super membership on my advice (although you''ll use it more than once anyway I''d hope).
  11. Is it also that we''re all a bit Gingerist? I''m not being facetious - I genuinely think that if he was a wiry little black dude we''d debate his pace a lot less. But he''s a bit like someone''s RE teacher so we don''t imagine him being as athletic as he is.
  12. More to the point - he''s thinking ahead of the game more these days. Counter criticism would have it that the game is easier to read at this level, but against Leeds he had "championship" or even "premiership" quality (not sure about that but we all know the hype around Beckford) to compete with and coped admirably. His concentration seems to have improved massively of late. Less post move reactions, more game reading and organisation. I think not being captain helps as does some consistency in central defense. He can concentrate on his role now.Beckford, for one, is a ''ball behind'' type striker, who should have the measure of any ''slow'' CB. But Doc was in position to respond to Beckford every time he was required on Saturday, and not for the first time this season! But I don''t think it''s just about pace - indeed I''m sure Beckford would cane Doc in a flat race. Doc is an experienced campaigner and I''m pleased to say is improving consistantly and constantly.
  13. Romantic

    Member / Tickets for Gillingham

    Yeah that probably was earlier in the season...
  14. Romantic

    Member / Tickets for Gillingham

    [quote user="bertie"]I think you would only get one ticket.[/quote]Definitely not! You can buy more than one ticket - you just get restricted discounts.
  15. Romantic

    Member / Tickets for Gillingham

    I''ve bought 3 before on super membership. I think any discount is restricted to the one ticket but you should be allocated. Why not phone the club and ask them. They''re very friendly and informative.
  16. Romantic

    Member / Tickets for Gillingham

    I think you''d get 4.
  17. So let me get this straight. You''re idea of ''the good old days'' was a man carrying a sign. Enhanced by the oh so thrilling throwing of some half munched fruit?Wow!
  18. Millwall and Swindon in the play offs I think.
  19. Romantic

    Nowt so common as YELLA

    It has. So Apology accepted.
  20. Romantic

    Waccoe is going nuts ha ha!!!!

    [quote user="Evil Monkey"]I''ve actually found myself a little puzzled by the reaction of the non-wacko Waccoes... some Leeds fans I know are taking heart from their performance yesterday (which was nothing special, they just came up against a rather flat Norwich team on the day), but seem to be ignoring the fact that they could quite easily be in 4th place by this time next week... ''taking positives from the game'', blah blah blah... sorry, but Leeds showed about as much attacking intent as, well, us today... It was a war of attrition and if Leeds fans are happy with that performance, then maybe they''re starting to finally lower their expectations to their standards.[/quote]I noticed that EM. It starts at the top with Grayson''s post match comments. To be fair it''s an indication of the respect they have for us. I think there''s some logic in it. I personally hope they stay down for many reasons but I wouldn''t bet against them limping home.
  21. Romantic

    Can anyone help me?

    My bad.
  22. Romantic

    Can anyone help me?

    But it wouldn''t be your stub though... Or doesn''t that matter? Lot of people requesting stubs on here lately... Hmmm! Charlton game...
  23. Romantic

    Half time...

    Did anyone actually leave yesterday before the goal? I bet they did too! I''d love to know what the stats are on that.
  24. [quote user="WACCOE"]How many more threads are there gunna b bout ya cup finla lolz[/quote]Oh that''s right - yesterday was of no importance to you at all! Now you''ve stinked it up good and proper you''re playing the old ''we never cared anyway'' card. You''re not fooling anyone Seth, so dry your eyes.
  25. Romantic

    Trouble after game

    [quote user="NorwichCasual"]I would rather we had some handy blokes hanging around the train station. At least then they want to have a bit of rough and tumble and the oap''s, women and children etc are kept away from it[/quote]You''re brilliant! I think I love you!