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  1. A lot of people seem to be focussing on solely the footballing ability of BJ and not what he brought to the team... Personally, I''d say we should never have sold him. Yes, £6m was a great fee considering the footballing ability of BJ but the overall package of the player in our team was probably worth nearer £15m. Remember the number of times last season that BJ''s fight and tenacity dragged us over the line? That''s what we''ve missed this season - someone to drag us over that finishing line in games such as the Liverpool match, or someone who will drive at defenders and be a natural leader on the pitch. IMO we''ve massively missed him this season and it''s my opinion that selling him is one of the big contributing factors to our relegation. How many disappointing, tame performances did we have with BJ in our team when he played last season? Even at the start of this season when he played for us? Sometimes, money doesn''t tell the whole story...
  2. [quote user="Yur Gonnaget"]Maybe for a plastic who never goes to games. I shall be savouring the atmosphere at Portman Road. Playoffs - real fans only[/quote] Not really true, that, is it? If I could get to Portman Road I definitely would. I''m gutted that I haven''t been able to get to enough away games to get enough points, so I''m looking for ''the next best thing''!
  3. Surely the atmosphere at Carrow Road for an Ipswich derby would be way better than at any pub tho?
  4. I have no idea how TV rights etc work - does anyone know whether there will be a beamback for the first leg being shown at Carrow Road next Saturday?
  5. Over the course of a season each team will probably go through a dip in form for 5-10 games...it just happens! Most teams have theirs in the period after xmas. If we can stay there or thereabouts and this is our dip in form then we can regain ground on our rivals when they have their own dips in form later in the season. You can''t judge a manager after 14 or so games unless we''re down in the relegation zone or something! I agree we have issues, especially with Whittaker who isn''t having his best month for NCFC but give it time guys!
  6. Seriously, what''s wrong with some of the fans on here?! OK so we''re having a poor half, we''re basically getting destroyed defensively but firstly we''ve only played 40mins and secondly we''re going to lose games this season! We''re looking OK up front but poor defensively - I also would rather have another CB in and Martin at RB but with Martin and Turner at CB we''d actually not conceded many goals this season (not many at all!) so it was obviously working! Let''s see what the score is in an hour''s time!
  7. This has been a truly awful display from Norwich. I have literally no idea why we persist with playing Garrido - absolutely useless in my opinion, awful crossing and terrible passing. Howson was pretty poor as well - he had a couple of decent shots when getting into an attacking position (where he should ALWAYS play!) but once again, his passing was poor too. Good decision to bring Snodgrass on at half time but quite why he wasn''t playing for the entire 90 I have no idea. Absolutely terrible display. Almost seemed as though our players expected to score, then realised they weren''t going to and simply gave up.
  8. After the (now-expected) disappointment that was MOTD, it was good to see some non-biased punditry on Goals on Sunday today regarding our match yesterday!To sum it up - the studio were all agreed Everton''s second goal should have been a drop ball - they were amazed  that Andre Mariner hadn''t given it.The discussion of Holty for England came up too, with only positive things being said.Haven''t watched Goals on Sunday before, but their non-bias and ''telling it how it is'' punditry is great!
  9. What are people''s thoughts on Simon Lappin - our faithful no.19?I''m actually really surprised he hasn''t been given more of a chance this season - I can''t actually recall if he''s had a game in the Prem this season as yet?He puts in solid performances for the reserves (yes, I know it''s the reserves so the standard is lower) and is an excellent crosser of the ball, as well as putting in the ''everywhere on the pitch'' performances that sum up Lambert''s attitide perfectly.Can''t quite understand why he hasn''t played, even as a sub?Thoughts?
  10. Yeah, definitely back in the reserve league - walking past the hotel by the ground the other day and saw a sign saying "FA Premier Reserve League, gates 4 and 5" or something along those lines.So yeah, definitely in the reserve league!
  11. I think instead of saying the fans joining the waiting list for a season ticket are "plastic fans" etc, it should be seen as a good thing - simply, the more fans that watch games, the higher the demand and therefore the more money the club receives to clear its debt!Personally, I would have bought a season ticket in January but as i''m finishing uni I haven''t had any idea if i''d have a job and if i''d still be around here after July! Still hoping I will be around here, but got put on the waiting list just in case.The added demand is also probably because it starts to become more cost effective to buy a season ticket after a certain number of casual games. At £40 a game (next season price for the Jarrold IMO), if a fan saw 12 games this season and expected to see the same amount next year then it''d be worth them getting a season ticket for next season - cost/benefit!Hoping that I get a season ticket!
  12. I don''t like the "If Cardiff lose then Norwich go up" presumption that the Sky presenters keep making - same with some posters on here.If Cardiff lose, then it''s good for us. I still can''t believe we might be going up this season!The best way to think of it is this - if Cardiff lose, then it lessens the pressure on us. If we happen to draw or lose today (possible, against a good Pompey side) then we''ll still go into the last game of the season in second place. It takes the pressure off us, and places a heap more on Cardiff.Instead of thinking we''re going up today; think of it this way - no matter what, we''ll be in second place on the last day of the season. Who out of all of us would ever have thought this possible 18 months ago?!OTBC!
  13. Okay people, the matchday experience v Preston silent auction ends in 20mins!Email your bid to m.dumpleton[at]uea.ac.uk by 9pm!
  14. Auctions end today so please, please bid generously for charity!http://shop.ebay.co.uk/2e0ncg/m.htmlThe football is only  £34 and the signed photo £25, they are worth much more than this so you could get yourself a bargain! The silent auction for the Preston matchday experience ends tonight at 9pm too, so please send your bids to m.dumpleton[at]uea.ac.ukRemember, 100% of proceeds go to East Anglia''s Childrens Hospices, so please give what you can.
  15. Absolutely fantastic with the bids for the silent auction for the matchday experience and the eBay auctions for the signed photograph of the winner''s choice and the signed football.Only two days left to go, so get those bids in - all money goes to East Anglia''s Childrens Hospices!http://shop.ebay.co.uk/2e0ncg/m.htmlThe football is currently at £23, and a similar item is sold by the club for £85 so there''s a real chance to get a bargain!
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