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  1. I have a rule of thumb... Daily Mail says ''bad'' - I say ''good''. I''m surprised they didn''t link her (admittedly ropey sounding) seafood risotto to cancer or terrorism!
  2. He''s long gone now (although I suspect he lurks under one or more sudonyms) but for me it''s Camulodonum: He''s a journalist, so off to a bad start. He misused the site for his own parasitic ends. Was actually an agenda driven, spiteful old git and worst of all - had enough intelligence to engage many of us in reasoned conversation, which I now view as being a dramatic waste of my valuable time. Due to our political misalignment and some of your less global opinions Arthur I thought I''d be voting for you, but I can''t accuse you of being deceitful and you always take my responses to you at face value... therefore it''s Camel. (Surprised I''m the first to nominate him actually).
  3. Never really liked those two and I feel we dodged a bullet as it happens.
  4. Romantic

    Now its Chrissy Lad!

    Jinxed.Nice one!
  5. Frankly I find the idea of a pre-planned pitch invasion completely ridiculous. When they happen spontaneously, there''s always a tide of relief or good humor behind them. They are chaotic scenes which involve a sort of instinctive communal uprising and good natured headiness. If everyone plans to do it 4 days before the event it''s daft. Plus I completely understand why the management would say ''we know you''d like to, but we can''t endorse the players staying out in the melee, so stay in the stands and we''ll get out and celebrate with you''. So those on here who appear to be 10 years old and are apparently having a little cry about not being allowed to do it - dry your eyes and have a good day on Saturday.
  6. Romantic

    I'm a total Jonah !

    Angel.... I hate you!
  7. Romantic

    I'm a total Jonah !

    God Kiwi! Not just me then? And am I right in thinking that you live in NZ and attend when over here? If so - that is really kak!
  8. Romantic

    I'm a total Jonah !

    [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Blimey.  That''s pretty terrible luck.  Please refrain from attending any more matches ever again, thank you [:D][/quote]You''ll note that I stayed well away from Charlton this year. Orient was the nail in the coffin. I''m a pretty suspicious guy and couldn''t bring myself to do it even though I could have done.
  9. Romantic

    I'm a total Jonah !

    So now the dust has settled on Saturday''s victory and we are safely up, I can take this opportunity to get something off my chest...I am one of those supporters who for various reasons can''t attend anything like as many City games as I''d like. Working 6 - 7 days a week and not living in Norwich usually restricts me to half a dozen or so treasured and excitable days out watching my beloved canaries per year. So how unlucky am I that such a record breaking and definitive year in our history saw me watching results which would have seen us relegated time and time again? Here are my personal attended matches and stats for this season (not including pre-season fixtures or cup games): Col U.            H.  (L)Brentford.      A.  (L)MK Dons.      A.  (L)Gillingham.    A.  (D)Southend.       A.  (W)Southampton  H.  (L)L'' Orient         A.  (L)W: 1.  D: 1.  L: 5.   That is stinking form in anyone''s book! I think you''ll agree that I suck! Cudos to those of you who move mountains to attend as many matches as most of you do. Perhaps this thread will help you confirm how rewarding it is in the long run? What a brilliant season - shame I saw next to none of it! Laugh it up everyone, laugh it up!
  10. Romantic

    Who would you get rid of?

    Can''t agree with shipping Cody. I think he can still do a job as a squad player / impact sub.
  11. Romantic

    Well done :)

    Cheers Slade. Our result at your place aside I am glad to have been there this season. Proper club with rowdy friendly fans and an outfit who absolutely shouldn''t go down this year. Best of luck to you.
  12. Romantic

    Fraser Forster

    It may not be in the wrong forum but it''s pretty boring!
  13. Romantic

    what a great day...(footage)

    It''s no wonder fans from other teams compliment us when we travel! Sounds amazing from the other stand. Cheers for posting this. And fair pla to the decent number of Charlton fans who stopped by to clap the boys off and just watch it all unfold afterwards.
  14. Romantic

    charlton pictures

    [quote user="Evil Monkey"][IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/34r93r4.jpg[/IMG][/quote]I''m embarrassed to be the guy to point this out but that is actually Bob the Builder behind him! It really is. What in God''s name brought those two together? Was it a great Bobbys convention or something?
  15. Romantic

    some people gone quiet now

    That''s the spirit! In all honesty - there weren''t ever many Lambert doubters were there?
  16. Leeds have bagged one. Don''t call it a come back!
  17. Credit where it''s due... Lappin''s playing well.
  18. Romantic

    Whistles and horns

    No!Did you see the African Cup of Nations? What - I say WHAT is that constant noise?
  19. Romantic


    And so it begins.
  20. Romantic

    Rudd In Goal

    Ifs and buts Nana. I like Rudd too but Forster is first choice for a reason. My biggest problem with him last night was his kicking - woeful!
  21. Romantic

    Rudd In Goal

    That 2nd one was Nelson''s responsibility all the way for me. Should have put his coconut behind it.
  22. Romantic

    Feel so sorry for the fans

    [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]

    [quote user="Romantic"]You love it when we lose don''t you Whittle. It doesn''t take you long to become separatist and divisive does it?[/quote]

    Actually i''d say its your attitude that suggests losing is no big deal. I feckin hate seeing city lose and thats why i voice my opinion instead of shrugging my shoulders or chanting the Queen bee after the scum has practically relegated us at Portman rd. I but a lot of the blame on these supporters for us being in Division 3 and i''m not going to say "hey hoo we''re city fans" and watch us limp out of this league when we should ve wrapped things up.

    [/quote]No need to underline your opinions Arthur I have the common decency to read your posts before passing comment. Furthermore I hope I would always avoid placing you in a big generalised category making assumptions on your personal responses based on the reaction of those i perceive you to be aligned with. I think I do a reasonable job of balancing my criticism of regime and team with my enjoyment of football on a match by match basis. Its complicated. Don''t you dare make assumptions about my opinions on our majority shareholders based on my posts in this thread. Much as you''d love to see yourself as the unelected head of one of two polarised supporters groups - you''re not. It''s much much more textured than that.
  23. [quote user="Salopian"]We need the defence to maintain concentration - two poor goals at Orient, and strikers to be more accurate - two against the woodwork at Orient.

    If they could achieve these, we could win at Charlton, but with Holt missing and Hooly perhaps not fit, I have my doubts.

    I would settle for a draw right now.[/quote]Blimey Sal... That''s putting quite a shine on it. If Forster hadn''t pulled out 2 top drawer saves 2nd half we''d have been pummelled and one of those against the woodwork was a cross. Like your optimism though.