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  1. Swiss Ramble is superb and produces epics like this regularly. It''s nice to see him turn his attention to a less fashionable club. He''s well worth reading regularly and following on twitter, and you don''t have to doubt the legitimacy of the stats or claims - he puts in tons of research and factchecking into it. He''s relied on by many of the major rags.
  2. You all seemed to have missed the bit where it said league record against each other would also count. Which is the bit Cardiff beat us on.
  3. I''m glad a couple of others have already corrected some of the bizarre things from the OP, mainly Russell and Shackell, but I''d say Doc too. Very close friend of mine is a Charlton fan, and he''s not ''umimpressing'' any more than the rest of their entire team. They''re midtable in League One for a few reasons, but he isn''t one. Not that some of you lot don''t froth at the chance to criticise the big man.
  4. That website has music automatically playing. Is it 1996 again?
  5. He''s played more than 6 times of course, but only 6 times this season before the breach became aware. That''s what I meant earlier with regards to the 6 games thing. I think, however, that the 3rd party ownership is putting the cart before the horse a bit. The whole dealing, with the case being passed to the FA who then let them buy out the rest of the rights, suggest that they don''t accept it but will tolerate with, say, a fine. What I think the main issue will be is the payment to an unauthorised agent and then deliberately witholding everything from the FA. They have history of coming down harsh on teams like this, and clubs have every right to expect them to do it again. Whether the spineless FA will is another matter. It''s worth noting in the Luton example that it took months to happen. We only have 10 games left. I don''t know whether the FA would rush it through to make sure any punishment is on this season or next, as I don''t know if they can impose a points deduction on the Premier League - I think only the Prem League can do that. Lots of twists in this one. I think the big issue is the dodgy agent and lying to the FA, more than anything.
  6. RE: Third Party Ownership http://www.football-league.co.uk/regulations/20100801/section-6-players_2293633_2125731#40 Key rules are 40.1 and 40.2. The latter states that 3 points would be deducted for every game the player plays while unregistered. For Faurlin, this is 6 games (I believe). RE: Unauthorised Agents http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/mar/09/qpr-fa-charges-alejandro-faurlin1?CMP=twt_gu This seems an equally important issue. Luton were deducted 10 points for the same offence. Whether its the FA or the Football League, both have precedent and rules that state a points deduction is authorised.
  7. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"] he is actually the BEST defender of the lot at the club. It looks like it''s now a question of Whitbread and one other![/quote] In my opinion Barnett is the best defender at the club and I still think he''ll be the first centreback on the teamsheet. Infact I even think there''s a good chance Ward will come back in alongside Barnett when he''s fully fit and the time is right to bring him back. (Not saying I don''t rate Whitbread, I just have a feeling that''s the way the manager will look at it) [/quote] Bingo. Good shout.
  8. I also think the tactic would have worked if we had defenders more comfortable than Askou and Nelson. Russell Martin was absolutely fine in the middle and his speed was something which snuffed out an early Chedwyn run, but they had clearly been given instructions to play it from the back over and over and Askou/Nelson are not quite as comfortable doing that as Ward, especially when Sheff Utd realised this quite early and started pressing high. As people have said, interesting to try new things, shows a good tactical eye and also shows he isn''t afraid to ditch it when its not working.
  9. JBA isn''t good enough and was utterly shown up against Palace in his last game. He''s clearly behind Nelson in the pecking order and rightly so.
  10. Oh dont be so precious. Barclay were on his case before the match started. If they can''t hack a player giving it back, don''t give it out to begin with. Walking through a turnstile should not temporarily remove any brain functions. Don''t be so bloody precious.
  11. [quote user="Coelho"][quote user="26mjw"]Yes, he threw it at the ref. Though, those of you worrying about Nelson being back in the team, it''s worth remembering he was playing fine before he got injured. Admittedly it might be a stretch to go straight back in in good form, but we''ve nothing to worry about with him in there.[/quote]He does the nuts and bolts well (winning headers, crunching tackles, intercepting passes), but his distribution is shocking compared to Barnett, and I fear we will notice that over the coming matches. Let''s just hope that we see Good-Ward rather than Bad-Ward in the next few weeks... he needs to cut out the Jekyll and Hyde performances and lead by example now.[/quote] To be fair, Barnett is a long ball merchant. Of the two, Ward is the one who will pass it out of defence while Barnett lobs it long. While he''s likely more accurate and I don''t disagree he''s a better defender than Nelson, I''m happy with Nelson as backup.
  12. A couple of chaps who sit near me in the Barclay were winding Nugent up in the warm up, shouting things at him, and Nugent was giving a bit back too, acting up, generally messing about. If the fans are happy to get on a players back and call him all names under the sun, they''ve got no right to complain if that player does well and wants to rub their noses in it. I''ve no problem with what Nugent did today. Much like the Hull coach earlier in the season.
  13. Yes, he threw it at the ref. Though, those of you worrying about Nelson being back in the team, it''s worth remembering he was playing fine before he got injured. Admittedly it might be a stretch to go straight back in in good form, but we''ve nothing to worry about with him in there.
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