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  1. Skijumptoes - Couldn''t agree more. Bullying, stalking, i don''t know what you call it but it''s certainly a weird obsession. City 1st - I used to really enjoy your posts, especially your knowledge about the financial plight of those down the road but lately you do seem to have lost the plot with this Wiz obsession. You''ve made your point, people understand where you''re coming from but is there really the need to keep attacking him everytime he posts? Personally i think you''re better than this and would prefer to see a return to the thoughtful, intelligent posts you used to write.
  2. Good luck to the lad, at least he''s prepared to move in search of playing week in week out. Personally i don''t think Smith and Hughes have any intention of doing the same.
  3. And Belinda the Norwich fan standing her ground for all the decent, civilized fans in the country! Well done and well said.
  4. The way Ruddy reacted after the howler i wouldn''t be surprised if he''s left out next week with a broken foot!!
  5. I wasn''t there but well done to the 15000 who stayed til the end and applauded the team off the pitch. Sounds like it was just one of those days, same sort of performence on Tuesday and i''m sure the goals will be flying in.
  6. First impression..........another masterstroke by Lambert. Elliott signs, Wes, Holt & Martin all score!
  7. Yep, I agree as well. In fact, i''ll be bold and say i reckon he''ll manage Northern Ireland one day!
  8. [quote user="First Wizard"] [quote user="a1canary"]Wizard, that''s not nice.  [/quote] What? she''s a damn fine cook, what else did you think I meant? [;)] And I reckon at least £450,000 to shut him up. [/quote]   Really? Do you honestly think it will be that much? At the end of the day it was a manager of a 3rd division club going to another 3rd division club. One which happens to be 23 million in debt! I think it will be 150k max.
  9. I heard he left at half time as he had never heard so much moaning and groaning in his life!
  10. Found it! (Well thats one way of improving my measly post count!)
  11. [quote user="cityangel"] No ncisa didnt want you back on here Steve, it was me who revived the thread and asked the questions. I didn''t consult them at all. A clever attempt by you to divert the attention away from the Kitty thread but it won''t work because people on here aren''t stupid and will see what you''re trying to do.   [/quote]   What Kitty thread? !!!
  12. There''s already been problems this morning as the National express imformation boards on station platforms only show changes for 15th - 19th Feb but i can assure you it''s this weekend as well.
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