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  1. [quote user="Hairy Canary"]UEFA have said that England and Russia will be disqualified for the Euros if their fans cause more trouble.[/quote] Wait till the Poles kick off with the Germans
  2. [quote user="1touch"]Poor start by Norwich, Forest looking the better side so far.[/quote] Come on you Yellows Never mind mate have another go City might score again with luck
  3. [quote user="John thaw"]The man is an utter utter fool and has to go now. Why oh why are we made to suffer like this?[/quote] Go away Bin man
  4. Why not wait tell the season starts and see what happens...now go out side and get some fresh air
  5. [quote user="Private Frazer"]If someone from his family does a FB campaign it''ll be the kiss of death.[/quote] How right you are bor
  6. You are a nasty man 1st wiz [:@]  [quote user="Wiz"][quote user="lake district canary"]I suppose I should apologise for doubting the faithful, but that is the best atmosphere at CR I have been at for a long time.  Everything seemed right. The players, the fans,  the football.   Just a little more composure in front of goal and we would have taken all three points.  I''d been starting to believe that the negative stuff was getting too strong and that a bad performance would have made for a sour atmosphere. That might have happened if it had been poor on the pitch, but what yesterday did show is that if the players get it right, the crowd will respond and the spirit is still there.  The players responded to the setback at Cardiff brilliantly and the crowd were brilliant too.   Fans losing the plot?   The "Hootun Outers" taken over?   Not on yesterday''s evidence.  As always its up to the team to get it right on the pitch, but if we carry on in that vein for the rest of the season, CR will be buzzing a plenty over the next few weeks and any shouting for Hughton''s head will become a whimper............what?  It already has?  [:O] PS thanks to those who wished me well,  the journey was trouble free and well worth it!  There are lots of us who travel quite long distances to be at FCR, maybe not every week, but we count - just as much - if not more than the brainless few parochial twazzocks who like to try and wind us up on here.    OTBC[/quote]   What a prize ar*ehole you really are Lakey.......have a gander at the league table you self important tit.........when we''re back to normal service tomorrow night at West Ham, you''ll vanish along with your fellow INNERS in denial mob... again! Hootin will relegate us, end of, and one day you''ll finally wake up to that terrrible reality........but of course, it''ll be too late by then. [/quote]
  7. True [:D][quote user="Making Plans"]No, because for once there''s nothing to whine about. Manager does job, players do job, team does job - simples, everybody is happy.That''s all we want and that''s all we''ve been asking for.[/quote]
  8. [|-)] Get down the bookies we are going to lose 6 -nil this coming weekend,go for it[quote user="nutty nigel"]Hughton really cares too. Will really caring keep us up? It can help but idiot fans making this sort of suggestion about the players surely can''t help.     [/quote]
  9. [|-)] who cares [quote user="Brightside"]In all likelihood we will be in the relegation places come the end of next weeks games. Do you think that this is where we will still be at the end of the season? I''ll start it off with an unfortunate Yes[/quote]
  10. Please please please please please please please please come back Arrdee i enjoy reading your posts you are a top bloke so please please please please please come back
  11. you are so right baldyboy maybe the board are in the board room now with there heads stuck in buckets of sand just like a bunch of ostrich`s. i have followed city since 1969 (city v preston lost 2-1) i love this club more than i love the wife but these are in deed dark days darker than the chase days PETER GRANT must step up to the mantle and fall on his sword before it all gets really messy ON THE BALL CITY
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