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  1. I am in aylsham and have two tickets due to sickness cannot go ,they are £65 each anyone interested please reply quick and I will send through my mobile.
  2. Hi, have been laid low with sickness bug,I have two tickets available £65 each please reply quick if wanted .
  3. I have been going to carrow road for over 40 years and I have to say that I have never been so angry leaving the ground as I was after a so called football match involving a bunch of cheating ,diving b-stards wearing a red and white kit it should really have been pink and white as they acted like a bunch of girls. Every attack that norwich tried to mount was instantly stopped either with a synical foul or a player in pink and white play acting and throwing themselves to the ground .The final straw was when your arrogant manager sends a message via a substitute to your girley goalkeeper to also feign injury next time the ball comes near him.You are just a bunch of cheats ,leave the football playing to us southerners and stick to your northern rugby rubbish.The world will be watching bank holiday Monday and you will be judged as there will be only one footballing side on the pitch and the other well you know what you are.
  4. Got to second your sentiments,the board are blind as to what is happening and always take the cheapest easiest option,fed up with medorcrity show some balls.
  5. Exactly ,someone agrees with me,thanks for adding some points I forgot.
  6. Think you missed the point,how many good seasons can you remember since the early 1970,s probably count them on one hand usually down to poor decisions in the boardroom.
  7. How much longer have norwich City fans got to put up with this mediocrity ,for season after season as long as I can remember( back to early 70,s) we have been promised exciting attacking football with maybe a chance of promotion or even a cup run only to be left feeling the same after every season ,totally fed up and deflated by little old norwich.Every time that we have a bad run of form that the majority of fans can see why oh why do the board not act until it is too late,we are a laughing stock yet again,last season it was so obvious that we were going to get relegated from early on and yet again history repeats itself and the board wake up too late.After going through this year after year I am sick of the little old norwich tag and just hope the board can grow some -alls and act before it is to late,for gods sake show some ambition and professionalism and give our great fans something to celebrate.The board could do a lot worse than read this forum rather than have their heads stuck up you nowhere.
  8. Yet again our manager has come up trumps and turned a potential win into a loss,why oh why take off the two best players who would I am sure would of had a chance in the last ten minutes and hand the initiative to the opposition.Have we seen this scenario before in the last two seasons,so many times.Chris it is time to go before the majority of fans turn against you and season ticket sales fall.Bring in someone with some positivity and who will let our players play freely and maybe we will start scoring.Had enough negativity ,anyone else agree.
  9. They may indeed want to win but for them the consequences of not winning are not as harsh as for the club,they will still have their fast cars,flashy mansions and paid up pensions to fall back on.They should spend 9 hours a day being paid a few pounds then maybe they would realise how lucky they are .
  10. The general I am better than anyone else attitude,once the final whistle blows they climb into their sportscars ,go home to their mansions and check their ever increasing bank accounts before someone reminds them which club they play for enabling them to turn up the following week and do the same ,and so it goes on before they move on.
  11. Having been a season ticket holder for many years I have to say that I have never witnessed a squad of players who do not seem to care as to whether or not norwich city remain in the premier league. The trouble with most premier league players is their ego''s ,they are overpaid and have lost touch with the real world, Trying to glean as much out of their clubs as possibly and if they are relegated they simply pull on a different colour shirt and continue to take the money. The ones that really suffer are the fans who scrimp and save every year to buy a ticket .these are the people who really care and will always have norwich city in their hearts not the money grabbing Ferrari drivers so called football players .If they loved norwich city as much as the fans they would pull on the shirt for next to nothing and not hold the board to ransom.Money will eventually ruin football !!!!!!!
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