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  1. No, can't remember seeing that name, there is however a keeno
  2. each to their own, what a lovely bunch of posters you have on here,
  3. Nice of you to take notice of my posts :) Couple of points, sleepless nights.. im a night worker, so it's more about sleepless days tbh and regarding the farke thing, my nodge friends told me about the intereview, hence I posted about it, nothing really made up, just literally what was said, he'd honour contract, whilst webber looking to leave next year, TWTD has a very strange group of board police where they feel that everything you post has to be factual and fact based etc, you're not really allowed a thought. I will be interesting to see if/when they leave, what happens, where you are as a club and where you go, it's no secret those two together have been very very good for you especially webber. I don't get the whole hating between the two clubs, I speak about you guys as much as other clubs and the reason for me coming on here, was I saw a post on twtd saying our takeover was being spoken about, so came on and thought i'd help with some explanations on it. I've done the same on some other forums. I see our take over as a sht or bust moment, it will go one of two ways. And if you guys had had the 14 years we have - you would be happy with a takeover.
  4. TBH, i've literally no clue, it's basically a sht or bust time for the club, I've been trying to work out why would be needed to keep the Pension shareholders happy, but the only way realistically that will happen would be prem, so potentially for all, it's a go all in or bust situation. I could be wrong and hope im wrong, but I don't really see how it would work without prem being achieved.
  5. Im not entirely sure either with that large figure, it's one that popped up, but it does vary alot, It's an interesting mix of boardmembers, some with football backround, one with property, one with profile management etc, it's very mixed. I think it'll be a case of actually using any finances wisely and not wasting it, i.e not having a squad of over 50 would be a good starting point. There's so much they need to change at the club it'll take a good year or 2 just to get it ready imo
  6. "you are barely known nationally, and an object if ridicule locally" So you're clearly one of 'those' forum posters that get's ignored by most. You clearly have no idea. So i'll refrain from reading anymore from you. "and in doing so left a huge number of local traders out of pocket" Broke your own rule there Bill.. History is History and that was over 15 years ago now, so time to move on.
  7. Apologies, misread your original reply, hence my first line. Town will always talk about cups etc, they're proud of it, and why not, doesn't matter for some, does for others. It is something which does still help with our name globally, that hasn't changed, although our recent form brings more laughter than a smile and appreciation lol. The thing is for you and anyone else hearing and reading what the new guys said yesturday may seem like soundbites..... but with M.E we didn't even know him or see him when he took the club on, and the fact the very first thing they are doing is a simple Footballing CEO appointment, well already that's achieved more than anything else we've had in 14 years!!! yes that's how bad it's been lol
  8. It's strange though as you seem to take offence to history being remembered. You've had a good decade of up and down the leagues, earning etc, is that not something you'd want to remember in years to come, or is there an expiry on such events. If so, then no point getting all high and mighty about the now as you won't want to remember it in the future. I look forward hopefully to having some derbies again at some point in the future, but for now, you guys carry on enjoying your current picture and for us hopefully we can put the pain of the M.E years behind us, if it doesn't work, then that's it. but that's football.
  9. Town fan here, I come in peace. Just to help with some 'thoughts' The Arizona Pension 'pot' comes in at around £440 Billion, (Or similar, it varies in different reports) this obviously won't the the figure available, but what ever the investment - it's a small part of the pension funds. I think apart from Prem being the overall target, it will be academy - potentially cat 1 and rumours of moving it closer to London, Then the opportunity to purchase land around Portman Road, Cardinal Park etc as Brett Johnson has a lot of experience in building sports complexes. It'll be a long term plan but for the fans, it will just be nice to see - hopefully a more structured club and not 1 man trying to be everything and maybe some point again we can have a Derby game, regardless of result. Regarding out debt, all but £400,000 has effectively been written off.
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