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  1. Holland is a bit on the wooden side. Richard Wright was on it last night. Forgot how much of a mutant he looks!
  2. He did mention the fans. That was another reason he gave for taking the job.
  3. Why not have Renton on the bench? He''s scored 8 goals in 8 reserve games now.
  4. Chadwick? That''s a name I haven''t heard in a long, long time. Handy on the bench though as could play up front if needs be.
  5. Bit borin'' innit? Anyone know any decent dogging areas?
  6. Why the interest in James "Canary02 111"? You not one of the numerous fat birds James took behind the bike sheds after school for a fumble are you?
  7. It''s getting like "Friends Reunited" on here! Let''s stick to the beautiful game, hey?
  8. Christ! He''s well past his best if that is the same player. Wasn''t he the James Lincoln one who got arrested for drink driving at Christmas?
  9. Anyone else heard anything about us signing this attacking midfielder released from Gretna? He''s on trial, apparently.
  10. I''ve moved from the N & P stand to the Jarrold stand for next season. I can''t wait so start verbally abusing away fans. So exciting!
  11. He failed horribly at the job we gave him and now he''s got a job in the Premiership. Football really is a funny old game isn''t it?
  12. Great present. Here''s a tip, make sure they stand you close to Chadwick, Docherty (if he''s there) and the other mutants so that way you look even better! [:D] Have a Happy Birthday!
  13. I hope Gow isn''t like Alan Smith. He''s absolute gash. Newcastle only started winning when they dropped Smith from the team. Jack of all trades, master of none.
  14. Delia''s a little tease!!! This is Norwich City we''re talking about. Let''s not get our hopes up, hey?
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