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  1. If you do not believe the Board is running this club into the ground you need to see a psychiatrist before it''s too late for you aswell
  2. The way I look at it is if a player is not good enough to get into another teams first team then they should not be able to make our first team. Obviously the exception would be top half premier league clubs but Sunderland aren''t!!!
  3. We should demonstrate to show the board they are not going to have an easy ride over the summer and show them that we are going to be watching there every move to make sure they make decisions which are in favour of the team and the supporters and not decisions which are based around saving money and generating max revenue for the club by spending no money as they have done for the past 3 or 4 years.
  4. This is why we need to demonstrate, we got through one bad time through demonstrating (chase) and now I feel it''s time for another to get our beloved club back on the straight and narrow on the road to the premiership.
  5. [quote user="mickfoot"] Get over it. Huckerby was great for us but we need a fresh start. [/quote] This isn''t a demonstration over Huckerby but the incompetence of the board, lack of money and all the other problems with this
  6. We need as many people as possible to turn up to enphasise our point!
  7. Reminds me of the Robert Chase era, we demonstrated then, got out of trouble and saved the club and i feel the club needs saving again before it''s too late.
  8. GR8 post m8, agree with everything you said, all we need now is a gd turnout and i fink it will really make a difference.  
  9. Me and a large group of friends are planning a demonstration outside the main entrance of Carrow Road this weekend after the dispicable release of Darren Huckerby today. We are appealing to all you who agree that this situation has been a disgrace and who believe Huckerby should be with the Canaries next season to send your support to this post and join our demonstration this Saturday at 3pm. We have already gathered media attention so we need as many people and as much support as possible to enphasise the point we are trying to get accross. Thanks for your support and we hope to see you on Saturday at 3pm!
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