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  1. Make no mistake, unless there is some sort of sale or massive "outside investment", this guy will be the owner of the club after D&M step aside/pass away. They have no kids and so someone needs to be left the club in the will. Time will tell if that''s a good thing.. First impressions aren''t great from that interview but giving the benefit of the doubt he may be nervous and I suppose better the devil you know than some random, asset stripping foreign owner. Assuming all of that to be the case, as others have pointed out, better he learns the ropes first and from what I understand he has already spent time in all areas of the club so he can make a genuine contribution from now on.
  2. [quote user="morty"][quote user="he"]This is really embarrassing. Outclassed by...... Bournemouth.[/quote]The whining by people like you is frankly more embarrassing.. [/quote] Except it''s not really is it? Not by a million miles.
  3. Took my lad up to Colney recently for a trial and it surprised me how tired it looked. It''s not a shambles by any means but you don''t drive in and think "wow, this is state of the art". There are old protakabin type huts making up part of it and the indoor facility surface is lovely but the building itself isn''t great. As I say, it''s no horror show but if we are trying to convince players to come to Norwich above other clubs then I can see how it would be a factor.
  4. I''m sure there''s a lesson in all of this somewhere about acting in the same way online as you would if you were talking to someone in person... Damned if I can think what it is though.
  5. [quote user="HampsteadCanary"]Surely Kevin Nolan, Ravel Morrison or Ben Arfa would be worth a punt on a free? Ravel Morrison looked very good for a while, if anyone could get him to knuckle down it would be Alex ''I''ll break your balls" Neil! Doesn''t solve the defensive problem though... I saw Marvin Sordell was released as well, could he do a job as a fourth striker were we to send Grabban out on loan?[/quote] Ravel Morrison is at Lazio... I doubt we will be looking at this list, I imagine the party line will be we will go with what we''ve got.
  6. I can only imagine the depths of misery and despair that constitute your life...
  7. [quote user="Tilt"][quote user="mrs miggins"]damn. thought at least one would buy it...[/quote] You''re an idiot.[/quote] I hate to say it but he''s right.
  8. [quote user="mrs miggins"]bid accepted for austin[/quote] Let me guess, an Austin Allegro? A Steve Austin replica figure?
  9. [quote user="gitto"]There are players coming in, I don''t know which yet, but apparently we will all be presently surprised[/quote] I really hope you''re right....
  10. [quote user="ruthers1"]If you''re all desperate for a sure thing - Bet on Brittleton tonight in the 6.40 at Goidwood - needs every yard of the extra trip - must be backed[/quote] That''s fine thanks Ruthers but I''ll stick with the 1000-1 you offered on Austin coming to Norwich earlier. Shall we say we both transfer our stakes (my £1 and your £1000) to a third party''s account pending the outcome next week?? If you''re as certain as you say about your insider knowledge then where''s the risk?!
  11. He signed a new contract in the summer which had the 4.7m release clause written into it... Old contract was expiring at the end of the year so it was apparently to stop him from leaving for free abroad or having a tribunal set the amount.
  12. Agreed - he''s been an effective Prem player for a while now and he would add some goals to the squad. He would be a useful option for away games where things need to be a bit tighter and he also would fit in with Neil''s hard working approach. He also looks after himself by all accounts so his age is less of a factor than it would be for other players in his position at his age. For a couple of million what''s not to like?!
  13. @Dead Canary. Too right there is better value to be had out there than many clubs actually achieve and don''t get me wrong I don''t cite Mings'' transfer as a beacon of good sense! I think with him it came down to Bournemouth having the cash and him being young enough to have re-sale value but they still paid way way too much in my mind and if we''d have done it I''d have been tearing my hair out. Also I think Brady was quite good value (depending on how the deal was structured which is detail we don''t often see). The point I was making was the ''market'' is crazy and inflated and Gref saying Austins value - looking only at transfer fee - is only 6m (and therefore less than Brady?!) was wide of the mark in almost every sense in the context of other deals and his quality and potential. I get what you say about Downing, Cech, Cabaye etc however once you factor in wages and age/resale potential it can change the dynamic of what looks like a bargain purely based on transfer fee alone. That said I''d have Cabaye here in a heartbeat.. Truth be told we rarely have the full facts to make a call on what constitutes value as figures bandied around are often paper talk with lots of info missing. Still, good fun to speculate and debate anyway! Enjoy the game later.
  14. It''s not really about what they are ''worth'' in terms of their inherent value though... The question was what they are worth in a particular market. The market concerned is arguably vastly inflated but comparisons with what other commodities in that market are being sold for is a valid way of determining how much you can expect to pay. Therefore if a left back in the Champs such as Mings is ''worth'' 8m because someone chose to pay that then Austin who has scored 18 goals in the Prem is going to be ''worth'' much much more.
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