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  1. It’s good to be able to see who voted for what.. that way you can confirm who is a total moron/troll without having to guess from their posts
  2. I’ve been called Dions Lightsaber and this one in my entire life chief. Maybe stop sniffing glue and get a life.
  3. Me neither... Didn’t do the ballot as can’t make it today but was expecting an iFollow pass. Just checked and they have the right email address and junk folder etc.
  4. You did enjoy the win though right? And you have to credit Farke for the substitutions which changed the game though don’t you? And wasn’t it great when Idah scored...? All in all it was a good day wasn’t it?
  5. Please link to some examples in that case?
  6. Leeds have a disproportionate amount of toe rags following them. Surely you can’t argue with that.. every club has them you happen to have more than most.
  7. Make no mistake, unless there is some sort of sale or massive "outside investment", this guy will be the owner of the club after D&M step aside/pass away. They have no kids and so someone needs to be left the club in the will. Time will tell if that''s a good thing.. First impressions aren''t great from that interview but giving the benefit of the doubt he may be nervous and I suppose better the devil you know than some random, asset stripping foreign owner. Assuming all of that to be the case, as others have pointed out, better he learns the ropes first and from what I understand he has already spent time in all areas of the club so he can make a genuine contribution from now on.
  8. [quote user="morty"][quote user="he"]This is really embarrassing. Outclassed by...... Bournemouth.[/quote]The whining by people like you is frankly more embarrassing.. [/quote] Except it''s not really is it? Not by a million miles.
  9. Took my lad up to Colney recently for a trial and it surprised me how tired it looked. It''s not a shambles by any means but you don''t drive in and think "wow, this is state of the art". There are old protakabin type huts making up part of it and the indoor facility surface is lovely but the building itself isn''t great. As I say, it''s no horror show but if we are trying to convince players to come to Norwich above other clubs then I can see how it would be a factor.
  10. I''m sure there''s a lesson in all of this somewhere about acting in the same way online as you would if you were talking to someone in person... Damned if I can think what it is though.
  11. [quote user="HampsteadCanary"]Surely Kevin Nolan, Ravel Morrison or Ben Arfa would be worth a punt on a free? Ravel Morrison looked very good for a while, if anyone could get him to knuckle down it would be Alex ''I''ll break your balls" Neil! Doesn''t solve the defensive problem though... I saw Marvin Sordell was released as well, could he do a job as a fourth striker were we to send Grabban out on loan?[/quote] Ravel Morrison is at Lazio... I doubt we will be looking at this list, I imagine the party line will be we will go with what we''ve got.
  12. I can only imagine the depths of misery and despair that constitute your life...
  13. [quote user="Tilt"][quote user="mrs miggins"]damn. thought at least one would buy it...[/quote] You''re an idiot.[/quote] I hate to say it but he''s right.
  14. [quote user="mrs miggins"]bid accepted for austin[/quote] Let me guess, an Austin Allegro? A Steve Austin replica figure?
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