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  1. Norwich still have a youth firm about. It has all ready kicked off with Liverpool and Leicester at home this season. Both near the waterfront before the game. Hence why the old bill are still active at football to stop the trouble
  2. Millwall is safe. When was the last time u ever heard about trouble on the news.
  3. What''s embarrassing is we took 2500 fans and only like 200 of us was singing all game. Any song is better than being quite and moaning all the time.
  4. Everyone saying our atmosphere is bad but most english stadiums are bad on a matchday.
  5. Hope you have a good day on saturday. By the way you payed £35 and u will still get told to sit down by stewards.
  6. Mate I agree with you. Think about leeds they have a dog shit team but they have noisy supporters. When they came to CR they out sung 24000 fans. The only away game I am going to is millwall away for the banter. How people can sit at a football match without chanting and having banter with other team supporters I will never know.
  7. I Just feel sorry for people who has to pay £35 to watch shit every week.
  8. I worked all week and was up for it so that comment means nothing
  9. 26000 fans and atmosphere is dead. Back in the days it was really good. How come it has become so bad?
  10. Anyone know what that means? Mr carrow has left stadium.
  11. Throw the away fans in the upper tier in the sky
  12. If I was you phone or email then up and say what u looking for and see if they got any jobs that matches.
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