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  1. Decent, honest pro who''ll stay and do a job in the Championship. Unlike some.
  2. Can you imagine his antics in front of the dugout at Portman Road! Worth it for that alone.
  3. Since many of you seem obsessed with having ex-Canaries as manager , what about Lee Croft? Or Keith O''Neill?
  4. Looks like you''re in the minority then Jonezy, son. Those who know their football see Colin is a wise choice.
  5. Sorry, not a wind up. Colin is a solid Championship manager. And the away fans would hate him.
  6. He''d get my vote. Knows the Championship inside out, would be good value with the press and he''s a qualified referee!
  7. He''s a gnob who bad-mouthed us when he left.
  8. And not looking forward to Sunday''s boo-a-thon. I am !!
  9. Waste of money, we haven''t produced any decent kids since Chris Sutton. Might as well Tarmac over the kids pitches at Colney and set up a park and ride. Might bring in a few quid for the team.
  10. Polymath Stepen Fry could brighten the gloom with erudite witty interjections.
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