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  1. You are actually quite an annoying little turd! You obviously have nothing better to do but bump a thread for days on end! If you were that desperate for a ticket perhaps you could have attended enough away games last season, or you could have put in an application like everyone else had too! Or perhaps you would have foreseen the huge demand for these tickets and got an away season ticket! Or perhaps you can just sit here for days on end bumping a thread...
  2. Has anyone any clarity on when the scum go on sale?
  3. Think this just about sums up where We are with wolfswinkel. I personally think it''s a shame that we can''t seem to or want to accommodate him this season. He seems keen to prove himself yet he seems to be less rated than lafferty/grabban. He had one bad season, many strikers off the continent have done that and I personally think we will be missing a trick to cash in too early!
  4. Exactly City 1st!! I find this hounding of Neil Adams hilarious if I''m honest! I personally think he will prove every single doubter wrong... And I can''t bloody wait!!
  5. All this "we should have learnt our lesson with Bryan Gunn" rubbish that I keep reading on here makes me laugh. We will not be the first team that has taken a risk on a newbie and not the firsts to go for the passion that former players have for the chosen club ( Gary monk swansea) . This may be a huge risk by the board but on the flip side of this we have just employed an FA Cup winning coach as our manager who has the upmost desire to do the best by the club. He will bring attacking flair football, which everyone was whinging we weren''t doing enough of before. He will mix a blend of youth and experience, again which everyone was whinging we wouldn''t do before. he is by far a better option than malky and Zola as far as I''m concerned. The method of not using tried and tested has worked and they have gone on to become top class managers, Managers that we would die to have managing our club right now. We are in the perfect position as a business to take this risk as we are under no financial constraints. We have got the right man for the job as far as I''m concerned and he will have my support whatever happens! You don''t hear swansea kicking off that they are too big a club for Gary monk? They are not ousting their board out for a lack of ambition? This is because they have a history of taking a risk on a manager. And as far as I can see it''s paid off so far! Let''s start getting behind our team again!
  6. But, Swansea/westbrom/villa still are not out of this yet! There are still a selection of 6/7 teams who could be relegated. Every one is looking at out run in but have they looked at swanseas? There is a possibility they may only pick up a couple of points, same with villa! We can beat Liverpool, we are not out of this yet, stranger things have happened this season and all I know is that next Sunday I will be waking up with 1000 times more optimism after yesterday''s performance. And if we do go down, is it a disaster? Probably not in comparison to other teams that may get relegated. We are financially stable, have a fantastic youth setup, and in Neil Adams have the perfect manager to pick us back up and get us back to where we belong. It''s not all doom and gloom... We can hammer these scousers and I hope it''s down to us why they don''t win the title!
  7. We will be 7 points clear of Sunderland... As frustrating as yesterday was 7 points clear is a good position to be in! Despite them having games in hand it means nothing over points! We all know how Hughton likes to grab a win when he desperately needs too! The fat lady hasn''t sung.... Yet!!
  8. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Negative PostViews Post Count "mid 20''s"I''m beginning to spot a trend here[/quote] Reading, why can''t someone with 20 posts have just as much input as someone with 2000? Just because some people have a life, family, jobs and don''t spend all day being a keyboard warrior arse like your self doesn''t mean they are part of a "trend" Take it you were at the game yesterday and saw garrido play?!!!
  9. And two months before holt left I also stated he was in his way... There is another player on our books who wants to leave. It seems like a lack of info but that''s because it''s all I know at the moment.
  10. It maybe rubbish regarding these two, but I can tell you a first team regular from last season has requested a transfer. I haven''t got information as to who yet but there is some truth in a player wanting to leave!! Hopefully I can find out some more at hull on Saturday!
  11. Being of a fairly young age my self in comparison to my job role, I think the age/experience talk can be very degrading as age is irrelevant to your ability. I think in football we are very quick to look at age and its a shame that we can''t shake that age barrier off as nine times out of ten the younger guys will be the ones that work their socks off and put in that shift to prove their abilities!
  12. As fans though can you really see us accepting in a years time that we are a stepping stone? Surely we will we it as us growing together? Especially if he''s banged in 20 goals plus! At the moment we accept it but we all know deep down when it comes to it , it has lambert/Norwich written all over it again!
  13. Will we be celebrating? Or crying into our pints? Will lambert finally be forgotten? Or will hughton still be a target? Will wolfswinkel be a success, leading to the forum being full of pantwetters worrying about his next destination? Or will he not live up to his potential... And his pricetag, with the forum being full of people saying "told you so"? Will we still be regarded as a small club, or will we finally be established? Will every on this forum finally agree ? Or will there still be the obvious divide!! I guess these questions are only things that time will answer!!
  14. How true it is I don''t know but iv heard that we have made enquiries around the availability of him. But have also been made aware that there is interest from other premier league clubs! It''s a trusted source but still not known how much legs this one will have! P.s holt will not be here next season!
  15. Becchio was not a panic buy, becchio was purely brought in because Morison was no longer required , the opportunity to ship Morison out with a similar replacement with a better attitude to the game was the reason he is here! He hasn''t quite cut the mustard so far and is not displaying the end product in training hence why he is not starting!
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