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  1. Remember singing this from the Barclay end. RIP
  2. Definitely his catch phrase, he trained the youth team I played in - South Hill United (for free) and as a defender he said 'there are only 2 rules in defending: Rule 1 - if it moves kick it, Rule 2 - if it doesn't move kick it and if it then moves go back to Rule 1' A gentleman who gave his time to others, huge loss to the City and my heart goes out to his family and friends in this saddest of times. Pull your shorts up Dunc! RIP big man.
  3. Forgot to mention Justin Fashanu who used to come into Samson and Hercules nightclub (I was behind the bar at the back of the stage), top bloke and gave me and a couple of mates tickets (in the directors box) to watch some scummy team and then into the Tolly Cobbald bar afterwards and mixed with Allan Hunter, Mick Mills et al, great time, can't remember the score but happy journey back due to Tolly and no police on way
  4. Big Duncan trained the under 18 team I played for - always great and fond memories and I used to deliver papers from Frost's Newsagent to Kevin Keelan, happy days!!! Both great people who were not aloof at all!
  5. This was my first game as well sitting in the Barclay End at the front with my legs through the railings at the front, never be allowed today - the excitement was electric and even though I moved away from the City some 40 years ago they will never take the yellow and green out of me - 'On the Ball City'
  6. I used to deliver his paper on Booty Road in Thorpe. What a player and gentleman, loved the excitement of watching him play and lay out the centre forwards who where to aggressive with him! Seem to remember his laying someone out and taking his jersey off and running off the pitch only to be called back by the ref - only to send him off properly (thought the ref nearly got thumped as well) Happy Birthday to the greatest keeper never to get an international cap (think he was born in India?)
  7. Still remember Hugh Curran, another great striker, who knocked himself out when stooping to head in at the Barclay End - sorry don't know who it was against.
  8. Thanks Ricardo, always wait for your report, the game you mentioned I think I was at and remember the Millwall fans being a little boisterous after the match, at least that's one way of putting the house brick that flashed past my head on the way out of the Barclay
  9. Some highlights up on Sky but not us yet, a bit of editing to do I guess ?
  10. It''s time to move on now, hasn''t been successful since has he?
  11. [quote user="Midlandscanary"]I used to deliver his papers - did you have them from Frost as well - if so your Christmas tips were terrible!![/quote] That is to Lakeland Canary
  12. I used to deliver his papers - did you have them from Frost as well - if so your Christmas tips were terrible!!
  13. Canary through and through - will never change even though haven''t lived in Norwich for nearly 40 years! Lived in Wimbledon - never went but did look out for there results but not as MKDons. Reading - not interested and now live in Midlands near WBA. Seen City there every time and loved the FA Cup the other year. Brother in law supports WBA and have watch a couple of games with him but no interest in the game for me (every time I have gone with him they have lost he he). Went to Vile last year with a neighbour and nearly had a fight as I was not supporting them - the neanderthal needed his wife to point out the lack of interest he was that stupid!!. So basically NO and never will support any other team. There is only one no matter what division and what style of play and who ever is the manager!
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