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  1. Colourful Canary

    Could Internationals scupper homegrown plans?

    My sentiments exactly, Grandad.
  2. Colourful Canary

    Could Internationals scupper homegrown plans?

    So why has Robert Green been bought by Chelsea exactly? It seems that he''ll get his premiership wages just for fulfilling his role as a homegrown player in the 25 man squad and probably won''t ever even make the bench.
  3. Colourful Canary

    Could Internationals scupper homegrown plans?

    You''re right, I forgot that the Chamionship had international breaks......I have noticed that the top clubs, who like us, have a lot if foreign players are taking this issue seriously, as evidenced by the at first glance odd signings of goalkeepers Lee Grant by Manchester United and Robert Green by Chelsea..
  4. Colourful Canary

    Could Internationals scupper homegrown plans?

    ......and that''s before we even connsider injuries and suspensions, which are bound to happen.
  5. Colourful Canary

    Could Internationals scupper homegrown plans?

    As I understand it, we need to have 7 homegrown players in every matchday squad. In today''s Pinkun interview, Daniel Farke names 8 players and says he is not worried about fulfilling the quota.

    But what if say Hanley, Gofrey, Lewis, or Cantwell are called up by their countries. There is no guarantee that the League would grant a postponement. Are we sailing dangerously close to the wind on this issue, would academy starlets be promoted or are we about to see a couple more homegrown loans coming in?
  6. Colourful Canary

    Maddison £20m, Grealush £30-40m. Discuss.

    Good discussion, people. I agree with most of the views expressed. I just think that £30m+ for Grealish would be ludicrous given Maddison''s far superior goal record and the fact that I expect him to break into the full England squad quicker than Grealish even if the latter were to join a more "fashionable" club like Tottenham, especially as I think he''d get little game time given the other midfielders currently at Spurs'' disposal.
  7. Colourful Canary

    Maddison £20m, Grealush £30-40m. Discuss.

    Any one else reckon the Canaries let Madders go way too cheep?
  8. Colourful Canary

    No surprise McGovern staying...

    ...why should Farke want to get rid of him, presumaby having witnessed his fantastic performance for The Republic against Germany in last summer''s Euros?
  9. Colourful Canary

    Psst... new coach info

    You are all wrong. I have a feeling that it''s going to be either Markus Babbel or Slaven Bilic if he leaves West Ham.
  10. Colourful Canary

    Where's it gone wrong this season?

    Easy. Before even a ball was kicked, we failed to address the insufficient quality and depth in the squad in three crucial poitions: goalkeeper, centre half and centre forward. In other words we went into the season with little or no spine...no wonder the performances have been spineless. The lack of a good leader on the pitch has hardly helped.
  11. Colourful Canary

    Canos to Brentford

    When Canos joined, the reported fee was 2.5 million rising to up to 4.5 million. O.K. so by selling him for 2.5 million we are not making a profit, but we are avoiding habing to pay the promised add-ons, which is a good thing if the player is not happy here. Unless the promised add-ons were only to be paid if we achieved promotion, could we not instead look at this as making 2 million profit, and therefore good business?
  12. Colourful Canary

    Bartosz Kapustka

    A Polish football website is claiming that Claudio Ranieri''s forgotten signing is on his way to Norwich as part of the deal taking Robbie Brady to Leicester. He is a winger who played for the Polish national team during the Euros.
  13. Colourful Canary

    Dexter Blackstock

    Watch this space.
  14. Colourful Canary

    Left back

    Definitely Toffolo time.
  15. Colourful Canary


    Harry is ready to step up and make his long expected debut in the East Anglian derby. Be brave Alex, and good luck Harry!