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  1. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="we Roeder luck"] I have noticed that russell wears gloves and a short sleeved shirt but was wondering if anybody knows why??   ?[:S]? [/quote] On a serious note. I once saw a science program, possibly it was Horizon. It explained that people from certain ethnic backgrounds did not carry the genes that regulated and increased the blood flow to the extremities in cold climates. I am being perfectly serious about this. Perhaps some of you out there either saw this programme or are sufficiently up on genetics to confirm this. So in essence it''s not that Rusty is a Wuss, its in his genes and he obviously feels the cold more than some other people. [/quote]Its not just certain ethnic backgrounds, I know lots of people who get cold hands but not in the rest of the body.  I wear gloves all the time playing american football  (to protect my hands as well as keeping them warm) but my arms don''t really get cold.  I''m a pretty "warm" person except in my hands and feet and my brother is the same.OTBC!Chunky
  2. Fozzy certainly did look tired, and I would have subbed him for Croft rather than Evans.  However he seemed to get a second wind later in the game and became more of a force again.  However with Fozzy and Russell both fit and fighting we dominated the midfield.I was more concerned when Hucks played on the right, he stills leaves us vulnerable because he just never tracks back - and this was particularly apparently when he played out of position on the right.OTBC!Chunky
  3. Apparently we''re playing very well and are the better team.  I''m waiting for a Man City goal now I''ve said that!OTBC!Chunky
  4. [quote user="topoftheleague"]Building a hotel in the corner of the barclay and jarrold was such a bad idea. On saturday i only saw two rooms being used and two people watching the match. Last month we had the incident of the away fan after being ejected from the ground and going straight in and getting a room facing the pitch. It doesn''t exactly look great either and it would of been far better turning it into another stand, and adding another two or three thousand to the ground capacity.  Too late now![/quote] I don''t think the hotel is a bad idea, we get a cut of profits without any of the risk of building it, and as stated previously on this (and other) threads, it would have added very little to our capacity due to restrictions on pitch access and space between home and away fans.  It would have been nice to increase the capacity but its not quite as simple as we want more capacity, lets throw some more seats in!  Can''t people see that there are alot of factors beyond football when it comes to ground regulations and running a business?!  As much as we want it to be about football and as simple as, we have a turnover of £XX million, lets spend XX million on players and wages, its just not nowaways, and isn''t even that simple in the very bottom leagues -  My local Blue Square north team has a brand new corporate suite, which many fans were against, but has paid for itself and brought money into the club within months!  It also has a community IT centre - again, people were against it but its paid for itself and brought a local government grant in. OTBC! Chunky
  5. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Anybody hear the interview with Davy Striker on BBC? Did quite well. Sounded like a nice chap. Bit strange to hear that he was teaching himself English - phrase books, watching TV, listening to radio, talking with colleagues - and so on. No mention of the club arranging lessons for him though, which I thought more than passing strange. Although maybe he''s just an independent guy (which would be good), or he just didn''t get around to mentioning it. If this is the case (no lessons), it must be a poor reflection on the club'' attention to detail and thus.......... OTBC         [/quote]I''d imagine that is taken as a given to be honest, I can''t imagine any club not arranging lessons, but lessons are a poor subsitute for your own work - I know that from experience!  Plus beyond booking DTS onto the course its mainly his own work anyway.OTBC!ChunkyOTBC!
  6. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Well, what other explanation could there be? Maybe they''re hoping we can limp along until January and only cough up if we''re looking either like Top 6 or Bottom 3. Anybody have a better idea of what they''re up to? OTBC   [/quote]   My suggestion would be that nobody in our price range fits Grant''s criteria and teams aren''t willing to let loanees out yet.  Look at Davenport, £2/3million bandied about - he''s never worth that!  I''m not quite sure how you''d get from us not buying a player to the board not making funds available - Grant''s already said he''s looking to bring someone in on loan if we couldn''t buy one, so the funds must be available somewhere. OTBC! Chunky
  7. [quote user="Jonnyboy"] Surely a team of our size and facilities should be commanding a class first team coach?? Feels like we''re cutting corners to save money wherever we can... [/quote] Its more likely that Grant hasn''t been able to find anyone he wants to take the position.  Its not just a matter of picking some guy off the street, I''d imagine that the position will be filled shortly though. OTBC! Chunky
  8. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] If I wasa betting man my money would be on Leicester. Can anybody suggest why I think so? OTBC   [/quote] Because the board have ambition! I remember them money man saying he plans to get Leicester into the Premier League within "three years". [/quote] And in three years time when they haven''t made it to the premier league, the "money man" will walk away to find another club to try with.  Leaving Leicester with a large wage bill and very few ways to pay it, queue the sales and administration. OTBC! Chunky
  9. There is a pub near the train stadium called the "Sandringham" where quite a few norwich fans went last year. They''re fairly nice guys as well, gave us some take-aways for the train journey home. The ground is within walking distance of the pub, just follow the crowds! OTBC! Chunky
  10. [quote user="BBFF"][quote user="loughborough Hupperby"]If people want to get ther facts straight b4 being all negayive we have a 30% stake in the hotel [/quote]But we still dont get a penny from the every day running of the hotel. We get a once a year pay out as a dividend on our one third share. So match days cost us money. FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST [/quote]What planet are you on?  Seriously?  We get a once a year pay out as a dividend on our one third share, so match days cost us money?  You''ve contradicted yourself there!  Have you any proof that it costs more for security than we make from the dividend?  I very much doubt it since we haven''t had any full year results since the hotel opened.The hotel is a sensible and logical off-field investment with very little financial risk to the club, a couple of bouncers on the door - I''d wager the cost of these is of very little consequence when compared to the club''s expenditure on something like washing kit.Sort your facts out and then start making wide-ranging statements.  Why don''t you believe that off-field activities such as the hotel and delia''s catering can''t support the club''s on-field activities?OTBC!Chunky
  11. [quote user="Yellow Rider"] [quote user="Essex_Canary"]She also did it on MotD after we beat Man U![/quote] You''re right - if I remember correctly she said something like......''just fancy little old Norwich beating Manchester United, who would have thought it'' and then started laughing. I was steaming and could have throttled her! Perhaps someone should have told her that we had beaten them before (more than once) but she wouldn''t remember that would she.       [/quote] I watched that interview and in my view that was meant in jest, however regardless of what our board say (and us, the fans think) we certainly are pictured by most national media outfits as a "small" club. OTBC! Chunky
  12. [quote user="yellow blood"][quote user="BBFF"] But why does the game clock stop at 45mins when every half has time added on?   FOOTBALL MUST COME FIRST [/quote] It''s a football league / FA rule so that the ref can add more time on if necessary. You might notice though that the minutes changes to a clock so you can see that 4 mins etc. have passed. I thought they were like plasma screen thingys so the bulbs wouldn''t burn out? [/quote] I''d imagine they''re LED based - the "bulb" life on those should mean that it lasts quite a while, plus due to the number of the "bulbs" if one breaks its not likely to have a major impact.   OTBC! Chunky
  13. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="FilletTheFishWife ."]  With 3 ratings of 8 and one of 9 we should have perhaps won the game 4-0. A bit genereous considering we conceded about 30 corners and had none of our own and not a single shot to trouble their keeper.  [/quote] Some of these ratings seem generous against a weakened Preston side who played better than us.  Especially for our forward players considering we did not have many chances of note.  Pleased about Brown but "Brown 8- He is a different player! Ok he didnt net (but he didnt have any chances) but he worked his nuts off and did Dion''s running. Looked quite tricky and powerful when runnning at players." In the few competitive games he has played I think this description sums up his performances so far, hard working, tricky at times but never looking like getting many chances, let alone scoring.  Hopefully he will prove a decent foil for Cureton. [/quote] He looks like a good hold-up striker rather than a goalscorer, perhaps playing with Cureton will improve him. As I posted on another thread, the defence looks much better with a decent midfield in front of it, but when Fozzy came on for Brellier, the shape completely left us. OTBC! Chunkyt
  14. Defence was much stronger, I think having a better midfield and goalkeeper has relieved alot of the pressure that was on the defence last season.  We never really looked like scoring however, something we have to work on!  Doherty had a good game and although Preston went close a couple of times we generally performed pretty well.I was bothered however when the Judge went off and Fotheringham came on, the whole shape of the team changed (i.e. we went from a formation to ratshit) and he didn''t put a very good performance in.  Brown looked good, however he seems to be more of a hold-up striker than a through and through goal scorer.All in all, a decent first game of the season - Will be interesting to see the Judge and Smith in the team, Judge looks like a piece of genuine class.OTBC!Chunky
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