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  1. [quote user="kick it off"][quote user="Brian Gunns Hair"]  Brian Gunns Hair wrote: Said he may make a return. Just for a another false tooth to the dentist that is! I''m sorry - I didn''t actually realise this was an attempt at humour. It isn''t remotely funny, it''s just stupid. Whatever target you were aiming for with this, you missed. badly. Im sorry Kik it Off. But not all of us had a bad day at work and i think i actually hit the nail right on the head. Now trot of and go for your 40 winks!! [/quote] Actually - I''m 21 -had a holiday day today, which was most enjoyable - the reason I don''t find your post funny, is basically because I am neither 12 years old, nor a moron. You really aren''t funny. you can either work on that, or more preferably, just shut up and stop posting pointless crap on here. [/quote] Lay off the guy u idiot...jesus christ never in my life, the amount of b**ls u lot come out with sometimes...grow up
  2. [quote user="fearofambition"]Southampton are without question the worst championship team i''ve seen in years, the fact we couldn''t beat them (from 2-0 up, at home!)is an embarrasment and is the biggest indicator yet that we are heading to league one. Bryan Gunn''s inexperience in the second half shone through, at 2-1 changes were clearly needed in terms of personnel and tactics. Obviously i don''t blame gunn for this, yet again it''s down to the board taking the cheap option, so thankyou board, thankyou so much. On another note, if you were one of the fans sat in the jarrold by the saints fans i''d just like to ask why you even bother going?[/quote]   cos the tickets i get are free and it beats sitting in, is that a problem?
  3. 1) Keith Briggs 2) Neil Emblen 3) Simon Tracey 4) Raymond De Waard 5) Ian Henderson
  4. me and mate were in city lunch time and he says that ricardo fuller was chatting to people outside the cornish pasty company...dunno if it was him but my mates pretty sure it was. maybe a loan move to sort the bugger out?
  5. Getting rid of players without adequate replacements (ie shackell) Loans (he knew eventually they wernt going to be here forever) Poor man mangement skills of players (wheres koroma, Lupoli, etc) Not giving youngsters a chance The possibility of swapping decent assets that could get us out of this mess Why do i make these points, well i have the team photo in my kitchen in my gaff, and i have noticed compared to last year there is more white shirts of the coaching staff almost then players!
  6. bored of that stupid line that he uses every game, im sure tottenham would be in a better position if they "didnt deserve to lose" we did, and he has to face up to, i know a few things about roeder and hes a terrible man manager, im not sayin how i know this but me being a pro roeder man when he came here, i just think the guy is relying to much on training us like a namby pamby premiership side and not bringing in players who are beefed up and have strength...which you need in this league...how the bloody hell can teams like swansea, ipswich, even hull city to a point on paper be any better then us, well for a start they have a squad of hull city players, not a bunch of kids who are on work experience.
  7. [quote user="St.John Cooper"] Sorry Follow I can not disagree with you more.  This is a team we are hoping will take us to the premiership. To be happy with a poor 1-5 home defeat to a avarage premier side is not acceptable. If we are to have any hope of getting promotion the gulf in class should be much much closer As you rightly say however there was a huge gulf in class which would suggest there is no chance in us making promotion...wouldn''t you agree? OTBC   St.John [/quote]   ill be honest, i dont think we will get promotion, you look at derby last yr, how many times did they get stomped on...i think its just generally jumpin on the negativity wheel again, its all you ever get on here, we are not gonna go from relagation survival to winning the damn league in my oppinion, if we lose to blackpool and coventry, then ill accept we have an issue
  8. Some people have no clue about football, just want to say watchin game tottenham showed gulf in class passing the ball and making norwich chase, first half good, second half distinctly average...BUT....it is tottenham and a few creaks ironed out, i do believe we are in for a better season, considering modric is worth more then our whole team im happy with last nights performance i have to say. sorry for those who disagree, but its pathetic people moaning
  9.   BBC sport - was just sayin on rumour mill that mark mchee worried norwich will hijack bid for him, anyone know anything bout him? from celtic apparently?
  10. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]the brace curo got against soton last year were very well taken from a confident striker...regretfully i never saw him in that kind of form again, lets hope he''sback to his best after a difficult season for him last year?<> [/quote]   probs cos post match interview grant said he was dissapointed with him, same with the barnet game when we won 5-1, scored 2 in that game too, and still said he was angry at him for not setting up big dave..guess his confidence took a knock!
  11. always thought he was ok to be fair, never really got a proper chance in is favoured positions, but then i though raimond de waard was a hell of a prospect until i saw that pile of ****, maybe its just the norwich way, come here, do crap, go somewehere else do well, i.e cough chris brown
  12. it was a full strength squad. which aint good news
  13. I know im jumping the gun, and we have made 1 signing, but maybe with roeders experience and reputation he could build a side much the same as Steve Coppell did at reading..i know its optimistic but you look at the likes of doyle, little, convey etc, they are all good players who have made a mark in the premiership/championship that came from a much smaller club and also not at a great fee, wasnt doyle about 20,000 or something.A midfeild general i think is what we lack and believe that maybe this Clingan fella may be ok, holt or brellier?? lets hope it aint the latter!
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