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  1. Got to be Snodgrass for me. When he''s fully fit he''s the most creative player we have and his assists/set pieces are invaluable.
  2. Makes more sense for them I think - experienced back up that will cost them nothing. Glad we rejected their advances (if this proves to be true). Ruddy needs to stay and continue to excel for us.
  3. De Laet has been brought in as the 4th DC. Lambert has stated this point several times. Try and keep up people.
  4. Come back Good News Gordon, all is forgiven.
  5. Doug Livermore has to have an opinion on how well we''re going to cope in the Prem?! I would love to hear it if he has.
  6. I think we have greater priorities than Lansbury at the moment. As much as I like him and think he has potential, we need players who are ready to step up now. He couldn''t really hold down a place when we were in the Championship and we have better current options already at the club in his position in my opinion. Defence is the bigger priority.
  7. I seriously doubt that Cody would sign a new deal now - unless he was given firm assurances about his chances of playing regular football at Norwich (which isn''t going to happen). He will know that he is in a position of strength at the moment and can walk for nothing in a years time, meaning that the club will be under pressure to get what they can for him now. I can''t see the lad staying really, he is potentially behind 6 other strikers at the moment (although whether he should be 7th choice or not is another matter!). Sell for 400K+ with good add-ons and hope he can do well for himself. Personally I would like to see him played ahead of Wilbraham and Martin but even then he has Holt, Jackson, Morison and Vaughan in front of him. It''s just unfortunate for him really in that sense.
  8. Love, love, love the banner idea. Genius. I think it would really show Lambo how much he is appreciated in the stands (as if he doesn''t know already; there''s only one Paul Lambert!) and would certainly get some coverage from the press/TV if it was done properly. It''s a class idea, hope I can see it being unfurled at the first home game of the season. How can we make it happen? I think it needs to be a pretty decent size. We want it to be easily recognisable.
  9. As the article on the Pink''un suggested this morning, it''s all about options. Sometimes the best form of defence is attack. Lambert is not naive enough (a la Holloway at Blackpool) to think that we can outscore everyone in the league as we have done for the past two seasons and just paper over the defensive cracks. However, I would guess that Lambert is broadening his options and allowing himself the most amount of room to manoeuvre during matches. In the past he has made positive, attacking substitutions and by bringing in more wing talent, he will only increase the strength of his bench/options. We were fortunate last season in that Hoolahan stayed fit (until the very end) and was able to pull the strings from midfield and when he wasn''t, a Crofts or a Surman would step up. If we look back, there wasn''t really the option to play with more width - McNamee wasn''t/isn''t pulling up many trees. I''m glad that we now have some real pace/skill in the wide areas and it allows us to be much less predictable in terms of tactics/formation.
  10. I don''t mean to be harsh to the bloke (he seems like a lovely chap) but does anyone else find the guy that seems to do all the Canaries World interviews with new players a bit annoying? I can''t think of his name but I just dread the rest of the interview when I hear him ask the first question. He has a drippy, awkward voice and seems to get a bit lost/muddled with his words when asking certain questions. Why can''t we have someone decent to interview the newbies/players?!
  11. Sorry to hear about this. Hope Paul can use football and Norwich''s Premier League campaign as a way of taking his mind off things.
  12. Good player and I''ll always have tremendous respect for what he had to go through and how he conducted himself at the time. Brilliant professional. However, when the club was at one of its'' lowest ebbs, we needed Bryan to swallow his pride and let someone who had the ability/experience to take us forward take the job on. He didn''t, he took the job and in doing so, put his personal pride before the interests of the club. I''m afraid this took the shine off any of his achievements for me - big time. Never blamed him for taking the job initially but after he had failed to save us from relegation, he should have had the guts to move aside. We were very lucky that McNally and Lambert and co arrived to save the day. Laters Bryan.
  13. The ratings are based solely on the context of the actual game itself. As the saying goes, you can only beat what is in front of you. Granted Preston were poor at times, but in my opinion, those scores are deserved given the overall standard of play from our boys. If a striker scores 12 goals against a sunday league team, it stands to reason that he would get a high match rating because within that game scenario, he has excelled, irrespective of who he happens to be playing against. Or would you still only award a 5/6 because of the standard of the opposition?! I can see what you''re saying, but to my mind, your argument isn''t really a valid one. I suppose I''m just happy to see the boys playing with some real drive and passion. I was at Bloomfield Road in the pouring rain in the uncovered temporary away seating in the season we went down to League 1. I have never seen such a limp, lifeless performance from a Norwich team. So it was genuinely pleasing to see such a difference yesterday. The scores are representative of the fact that we are a completely different and much-improved team now and the lads played well I felt. The great thing is, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but in my mind, Hoolahan''s display was worth more than a 7. It is however just my opinion.
  14. Ah cheers for the positive replies guys, nice to know I was able to provide a good bit of feedback on the game. It was great to watch them play so well and with such determination. I''ve never seen a Norwich team chase the ball down quite as much. Lambert has certainly got them playing for each other it seems. Ha, I''d love to make it a permanent project, however I''m currently exiled oop north so can only really make a few away games at the moment. Appreciate the nice comments though, thanks. OTBC!  
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