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  1. [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="Beds Canary"]I''m 27 and just bought a new shirt. However, I A) Only wear it to play football in whilst training for my local team, and B) look young enough (and fit enough) to get away with it.Still, I have my ''Admiral'' retro shirt ready to go in the wardrobe should the day finally arrive, though.[/quote]so if you are not young enough or fit enough this should determin the clothes you wear????[:|] Im 37 and wear WTF i like[:#] [/quote]You get me wrong - I think people should wear whatever they like whenever they like. spencer1970 was suggesting that anyone over 21 shouldn''t be wearing it and I was argueing that case... just made a meal of it, is all ^o)
  2. The football field is a shop floor and people swear. The guy''s a muppet.
  3. I''m 27 and just bought a new shirt. However, I A) Only wear it to play football in whilst training for my local team, and B) look young enough (and fit enough) to get away with it.Still, I have my ''Admiral'' retro shirt ready to go in the wardrobe should the day finally arrive, though.
  4. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Reading this it seems that a lot of able bodies Norwich supporters stood by and watched their fellow fans be intimidated by a few Leeds cowards. Having a child with you is different as you have to consider them first but surely there is a difference between starting a fight and turning a blind eye. Try standing your ground. You don''t have to be a yob or a fighter, just grow a pair when necessary and protect the vulnerable. It it really possible for a pensioner to have to walk the gauntlet while other Norwich fans just looked on appalled and did nothing. It sounds like a fox in a hen-house situation. I walked to the ground on my own yesterday and was in the City Stand. I didn''t see any problems but if I had, and if I had left the victim to suffer without intervening I would probably be in denial too and trying to blame the authorities. That is not the same thing as a poorly planned and poorly resourced operation by Club and Police because failing to prepare is preparing to fail.[/quote]Although I only saw a couple of incidents, from what I did see it seemed to be groups vs. individuals - and as far as sticking up for yourself is concerned, there is a line between bravery and stupidity. Says a lot about the Leeds fans though, who seemed to be steering well clear of large groups of Norwich fans and focusing on families or supporters out on there own.
  5. The only thing I find a little odd is the fact that the fans are wearing the new shirts well before the team - especially considering that there are still eight games left to play.The Aviva logo on mine will have come off long before any of the players first put one on!
  6. The fact that Norfolk Police are congratulating themselves on a job well done is truly astonishing.In 20 years+ of watching Norwich, that was probably the worst Policing I''ve seen at a football match. On the short journey back from the Snakepit to where my car was parked in Lower Clarence Road, I saw probably four or five incidents of Leeds fans abusing and trying to kick off trouble with Norwich fans, and, at most, seven or eight police officers, all of which were stood oblivious, and facing in the general direction of the Hotel.Then in the car park there were a couple of Police stood by the gate, but none inside the actual car park where I saw five Leeds ''fans'' gesture, then punch and kick a ladies car as she was getting in. It wasn''t provoded - she just climbed in as quickly as she could and locked the doors.The policing was an absolute shambles.
  7. [quote user="bristol_canary"]the graphic designer who edited the photos needs to do some serious training!![/quote]Out of curiosity, why does the graphic designer who edited the photos need to do some training?
  8. Im suprised not many people are mentioning the 3-0 win over Ipswich in 1995(?). Eadie and Cureton ripped the Ipswich defence apart in that game, with Jamie scoring a sublime goal after outpacing the defenders, rounding the goalkeeper and tucking it home from an impossible angle, before celebrating in front of the Barclay closest to the Ipswich fans.
  9. Good luck to Jamie, hopefully his scoring touch will return with regular first-team appearances. Those having a go should take a look at themselves; he always gave it his all and you can''t argue with over 200 career goals, even if only 20-odd were for Norwich.
  10. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I like Canterbury kit, like Pompey.[/quote]I like Canterbury too, and it looked like we were going to start stocking their lines until they went bust. They had those nice yellow baselayers in the club shop at one time, I seem to recall.
  11. [quote user="beasto"]Just to put it in perspective, I can''t even get that on Football Manager - and that includes switching it off when I lose[/quote] ^ I thought this was a great post - very funny. (I think you just embarrassed the poster who responded because he didn''t get it)
  12. Wow, they really see us their local rivals.For me, playing Colchester is no different to playing Brentford or Exeter.
  13. One of the things that''s been said many times since we were relegated from the Premier League is that we don''t have any leaders on the pitch - someone to take responsibility for the rest of the players and make sure they all do their job. Grant Holt certainly seems to be that man. We just need to make sure we keep hold of him at all costs, and match his own ambitions before someone else tries to take him off us.
  14. [quote user="Norwich"]Backs up my point nicely Dronny, he may have a decent game but still uses his bear hug.[/quote]It does make you wonder... I mean, these are professional footballers who spend each day training and working hard to improve their game. And the single worst part of Doherty''s game is that he is constantly man-handling opposing strikers. Has anyone ever stopped him and said, look, Doc, you''ve got to stop doing it, you''re giving away too many free-kicks and penalties - if you just tidied it up and kept your arms to yourself your game would improve.Doherty''s a decent defender, but the reason he gets a lot of stick is because of his clumsiness and inability to man mark without bear hugging. If he sorted out those two things - people would be more able to appreciate all the good defending he does do.
  15. [quote user="Mook"]Ok, this wasn''t at Carrow Road, but does anyone else remember Huckerby dribbling around almost the entire Tottenham team at the Lane, only to literally run out of steam by the time he got to Robinson, and barely get a shot off?That would have been SOME goal.[/quote]Didn''t Ledley King manage to catch him at the last minute and put a foot in just as Hucks was about to pull the trigger? I don''t think he ran out of steam, just got caught by a defender running at full pelt whilst he was rounding the keeper. For me that was the difference between the Championship and the Premiership - had Hucks done that against any Championship team it would have been a guaranteed goal.
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