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  1. Worth a punt Mr C Home v Sunderland Away v Villa Away v Fullham Home v Wigan They could win all of those. I will still earn more on my bet last August that Norwich will stay up
  2. Really? You should try. I don''t recommend watching England but watching the champions league can be absolute class. Think we should sign a few of the rm players wouldn''t mind a couple of the Man U ones too!
  3. Think it was harsh and ruined what could have been the beautiful game at its best, was game on at the time. Yellow and green specs on then hey ho that''s the way decisions go, refreshing to see some go against them at old Trafford. The team with 11 men won.
  4. Less than 40. We should have sold Holt and signed a striker. Love Grant but don''t think he is good enough to do it again. Really hope Vaughn can take his place but am concerned about his fitness. Happy to be proved wrong.
  5. I would have saved all of them, would probably have got a hatrick too if I was played out of position. Prefer my day job!
  6. I''m with you Gareth, Given is a top keeper. But if Lambert has any money left after taking Holt, Ayela, Fox, Tierny, Pilkington, Wes. He might try and snap up Ruddy as backup. But I think I noticed a not for sale sign up when I drove past Carrow Rd earlier so not overly concerned.
  7. How do you like the sound of a million pounds a week with me at Villa young Ruddy
  8. Yep, if Holt gets his way others will want the same. Premiership mate, do you want it or not? I quite enjoyed the championship but I would prefer to be here. We are premier league and if we can''t pay our players accordingly we won''t be for long. We are well ahead of the 7 year plan so let''s wait and see, I would risk paying the demands within reason but McNally hasnt called me for advice lately.
  9. I have no idea about GH thinks. But if I were him I would think I have scored a lot of goals in the premiership the only English guy better than me earns 200k a week. I love it here please pay me more. Don''t think that''s an unfair ask really.
  10. Back to back promotions and keeping your team safe for the first premiership year seems like a good time to go to me, where can he go now with Norwich ? A couple of places higher next year or a relegation fight? We have punched well above our budget and if that''s down to Lambert surely he would be tempted at doing that where he can spend 10 million on a player and pay them 40k a week turning villa into next years Newcastle and being able to put a little more away into his retirement account. Hopefully he sees his job is not done yet but no matter how big you think we are becoming, size as it was in the 70''s and is even more so now is measured by finances and as Brighton has been mentioned will use them as an example have a richer owner and will have a bigger capacity than us next season. Who went away to them 2 years ago? I think his relationship with McNally will take us through next season
  11. Was keen for some intelligent conversation city but got no response from that number. Shall we close this on we fcuking love grant holt. If you would like to argue about should or would or will or hoolihan or howsen or Bennett or zak you have my number. OTBC. Grant Holt for Engerland
  12. Sorry but still tosser We love Grant Holt we love NCFC, let''s be friends.
  13. If you would like to have some level of intelligent discussion then please feel free to begin that. From what I have seen you have no idea how to do that. Should or will what''s the difference FFS. If you want a fight lets take it offline as no one on here cares about yours or mine opinion. Send me your number and I''ll call you.
  14. Should Holt be called for England ? Laurwinson was quite emphatic NO. And then apparently Crouch is a better player. England are shite so he''s probably right.
  15. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="xymox"]This thread comes sponsered by delia, hope I''m a banana is back from his holidays soon at least he talks about football.Norwich won, duscuss[/quote]Lucky for you this thread doesn''t come sponsored by Learn Direct''s English department.[/quote] My apologies for my bad typing not by bad English Mr C.   Caviar and champers for me tonight as we won.
  16. This thread comes sponsered by delia, hope I''m a banana is back from his holidays soon at least he talks about football.Norwich won, duscuss
  17. What makes a BIG club? A lot of people on here seem to suggest catchment area, in my oppinion it isn''t about that, it''s just about money. Chelsea were a medium to big premiership side, now they have the russian millions they''re a HUGE club but hey they''re SW6 not NR1 West Ham, a team I think maybe comparable to Norwich in terms of size, how many millions are they spending on players. Norwich will allways be a big championship club and a small premiership club (I hope).  We are stuck out at the end of no motorway 3 hours from London and a non Ryanair airport on a bad day, if you were a top African/Sth American/European player where would you want to play.  We have allways been a small club and that''s why I love Norwich....  Getting promoted, getting relagated, having dutch players help Italian teams beat us, loads of years in the old first division drawing every week.  If we were Man Utd or Chelsea I''d probably go and watch Golf or my second team Charlton!! who we will see at CR next season. I don''t care who we beat, I just want to beat them and our year in the premiership was just so depressing, would be nice to see the yellow and green on MOTD but only if they win....ONBC
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