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  1. I''m neither a Hughton outer nor a lovey, but it may be worth pointing out that it wasn''t particularly ''brave'' of Lambert to bring on 3 regular first teamers who were only on the bench because they have had injuries. He was 2 down and had to do something. Hughton was in a similar situation against Spurs in the Cup last season and brought on the big guns, which won the match. It''s a fairly routine thing to do Iwould imagine, although such is Lambert''s reputation that it is seen as courageous and unusual.
  2. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Is it true Turner walked over to Hughton and shook him by the hand?He also seemed to me to be a decent bloke [/quote] Yes, he did. And the manager and coaches danced around like madmen when the free kick went in. Whatever criticisms there may remain about Hughton, losing the dressing room and being aloof cannot be counted among them.
  3. [quote user="AJ"]Surely losing at home to Colchester 7-1 was up there with the Fulham performance...[/quote] Or the 0-4 home defeat to MKDONS during the Messiah''s reign?
  4. [quote user="iron_stan"]ffs hughton you unimaginative dullard play our wingers on the correct wings for a changedo you think hes maybe a bit thick ? doesnt know his left from right maybe ? [/quote] Given that he''s a qualified lift engineer, I hope he knows his left from his right.
  5. A number of these players are in direct contention for their place in the first11, (eg Bennett, Garrido, Whittaker). This game gives them match time to prove themselves fit for the shirt. If they play well, we may win, and they prove their worth. If they don''t, our first team players get a rest. Is this too simplistic?
  6. Tettey is injured so it looks as if the formation will have to change a bit cos no one in my mind can play that defensive midfield/sweeper type role as well as him. Personally. I''d quite like to see Hooper and Elmander start up front. Elmander did well for Sweden as one of a pair of strikers, against good opposition. Not sure how I would compensate in midifeld for the lack of a Tettey; might have to sacrifice some width. For sure I would keep Fer, Howson in there. Whatever, we have to go for it.
  7. This is better than an episode of ''Outnumbered''; and could run with the same title.
  8. You are of course right. My tongue was firmly in my cheek.
  9. Of course managers are accountable for their performance. But this has to be judged on what the ''outcomes'' are that must be met and these are agreed on appointment, and regularly reviewed. At least that is my experience. Of course, we don''t know what Hughton''s targets are; but we suspect that one is keeping us in the premier league, if at all possible, however that is achieved. But I imagine, given his strong coaching background, and clear interest in the development of young footballers, the building of links between the first team squad and the Academy is also a prime focus, and there is lots of anecdotal and concrete evidence that Hughton is achieving this. So, although our focus as supporters is overwhelmingly what we are witnessing on the pitch, Hughton''s performance as a manager will be judged against a much wider range of perfomance indicators.. And I agree that the ethnic, gender and sexual preferences of our Board and Manager are irrelevant, in terms of the club, but the fact that this makes us unusual is relevant in terms of the wider context of football.
  10. 25 points over half a season is not bad for a second season in the Premier League for a Club with second lowest wages bill and now clear from debt. Thanks for the head up on that.
  11. Newcastle have won 1 game away all season. Their two ''easier'' fixtures remaining are away. We have good home form, and have lost just 3 games. Our two ''easier fixtures are at home. That would suggest that we will do better in our ''easier'' games than Newcastle.
  12. Need them both. I''ve been talking with Lincoln Canary, and we both reckon that we''ll have a couple of cup runs next season, so we''ll be playing plenty of extra games. And of course, there''s a good chance of Europa league the season after; all those Thursday nights.....Well he said he was Lincoln Canary.
  13. Whenever someone says that Hughton wants to draw games, I hear the phrase, much repeated in pre and post match interviews; ''If you can''t win a game, make sure you don''t lose it''. Funny that it is always said in a broad Glaswegian accent.
  14. Why would we not want an in fom Sunderland as they go into games against Stoke and Villa?
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