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  1. Yep, I saw him in Asda. He was with Carl.
  2. You mean an avatar, simply click your name (Edit your details: (your name here) at the top right, and then scroll down to the avatar section and you can browse for the picture you wish to upload.
  3. lmao. Unlike people that flame Smudger and Cluck for their posts, I find Cluck especially pretty funny lmao. That''s not a dig at you btw Cluck, just that I find you humerous.
  4. [quote user="Millo"] [quote user="cityangel"]Whats the point of keeping dragging posts up which are 3 months old ? People are entitled to change their minds and wake up. [/quote] OK fair enough people can change there minds, but to accuse people like me of owing Delia and co an apology yet he is responsible for posts like this???????? Cant you wake up and see where im coming from??? In his latest post he also claims if we moan about the club we dont love it, so i ask the question does he love our club? Also to be accused of point scoring by a spotty 16 year old called H~~~~~R is laughable. Please explain what Wiz is doing then in his latest thread [/quote] It''s pretty sad how you result to bumping threads to try and prove a point even though most people know what Wiz was like and accept that he has changed his opinion for the better.
  5. Thanks for nothing. Hope to see you as a benchwarmer on the 18th.
  6. The fact people jeered Ashton and cheered Bellers and Greeno meant that they don''t have sour grapes when someone leaves a club, they probably felt that he didn''t bother at all for much of the Championship season and then decided to jump ship. It''s your own opinion whether you like/dislike or jeer/cheer Ashton, but at least respect those with different opinions. Someone used the word "narrow-minded" in this thread, I think that''s more suited to the people who wont accept varied opinions on Ashton.
  7. [quote user="7rew"]Looking at the other 8 clubs is also intresting, as this is what I know about their owners: Blackburn, way back in 1995 they "brought" the league with Mike Walkers millions Bolton, ? Everton, owned by consortium with at least 1 person in the top 20 of the owners rich list in December. Fulham, owned by one Mohammed Al-Fayed who brought them up from Division 3 like a rocket. Middlesbrough, ? Reading, owner John Madjeski, who built their new stadium and named it after himself Spurs, In Joe Lewis and Alan Suger have 2 members of the top 10 in the December list. Wigan, They brought promotion with the help of Whelan So that leaves 2 clubs without major investment. - even without having to do any research that I hadn''t already done. [/quote] Sorry to correct you but Alan Sugar no longer is involved with Spurs.
  8. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"] Sorry guys but this site is so one sided. Its not a forem about the  issues of NCFC  but more about the way ''''good ole norwich folk'''' are happy to plod along thinking we''re a great club under Delia. So far ive been told to F@?k  off and create my own site just for ....being anti Delia and...im a i must be a binner/wind up. Had enough. [/quote] Thats nothing Arthur!, recently I''ve had two PMs from a ''Billy No Mates'' telling me virtually to drop dead! (you know who you are!) there are a lot of kids on here........plus its a good grazing field for the herd!.[/quote] Why do you assume that everyone that does it is a kid? I''m assuming the majority here are over 16 and I personally am 13 and would like to think that I would not be in that bracket. It''s pretty immature, but age does not always bring maturity.
  9. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Wow! yes, yes bloody yes!. Although n SSN today, they are saying Colchester have rejected his request...........for what little that means!. Sell Earnie, and get the lad in...........problem solved. Go on Grant, impress me for once!. [/quote] It probably wont happen now, because if it did it would give you one less thing to moan about.
  10. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Well that little trio''s hardly going to set the Championship alight is it?. Worrying if true!.[:''(] [/quote] Funny how you are critising them yet you''d be the first to complain if we didn''t manage to sign them. No pleasing some people.
  11. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] [quote user="Brandon"]idk but I''d rather finish 10th than 7th, for the simple reason that it would be so gutting losing out in the play offs.[/quote] ? OTBC [/quote] Typo, I meant so gutting missing out on a play off place by one position.
  12. I doubt Sheff Utd would go in for him anyway, if he cost 2.5 million then they would have lost a few years out of him and basically given Scunthorpe 2.4 million and a few seasons from Billy Sharp.
  13. Chris Brown - 20 goals in 105 appearances according to Wikipedia Robert Earnshaw - 126 goals in 269 appearances according to Wikipedia £325,000? daylight robbery.
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