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Attack Barclay 2nd Half

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  1. [quote user="bigbear"] Cocaine, ecstasy are 2 drugs which are totally out of your system within 24 hrs so if a player chooses to do some on a saturday after a game is up to him, it won''t do anything to how he plays on the following Wednesday or Saturday. [/quote]Complete fantasy. Cocaine can be traced in hair follicles for up to three months. Remember the Romanian team who turned up for France 98 with bleached hair..... Its the only way to hide it.
  2. [quote user="Mello Yello"]......Drugs are for Duffers! [N] [/quote]Tea. Coffee. Chocolate. Tobacco (def ban that one) Alcohol...... Lot of ''duffers'' (?) out there
  3. By the way Diesel she wasn''t the same girl....
  4. I asked if they''d ever been tested. The policy is apparently only to test anyone ''suspected'' of using drugs. LOLIts long been the opinion of the terraces that its the most likely explanation for the massive inconsistancy shown by certail players, yet the media by and large leave it alone. I''m not suggesting the instigation of a witch hunt - I''m not particularly anti drug - but it is rather strange that the drug / gambling culture in football is largely overlooked.
  5. [quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="Attack Barclay 2nd Half"][quote user="Evil Monkey"]Oh God, I got a slapped wrist from the mods last time this subject came up, I''m keeping scthum...[/quote]I say it for you.... I thought his girlfirend worked for the club....[/quote]Not the one I was thinking of... mine is much seedier than that... [:)][/quote]I was talking about ....... never mind
  6. yeah, thanks for alerting the world to a young prospect not under contractBet the club are chuffed with Hunter................
  7. [quote user="Eastonpromise"]I think the No13 shirt was something to do with the Norwich City Supporters Trust - will try and find out[/quote]Nothing to do with them its been around for years. I first saw it in Sao Paulo (Corinthians) about 20 years ago and wrote to the club then suggesting it might be a nice gesture. Since then loads of clubs have done it, Besiktas in Istanbul did it for years.... lots of English clubs jumped on the bandwagon 4/5 years agoAll a bit old hat and patronising now.....
  8. [quote user="mbncfc"]the sound of 12,000 fans in the Barclay getting up from their seats in anticipation. [/quote]Make that 4000
  9. Funny how everyone raved about Gally at the end of last season..... one good save against QPR and he was here for life.......
  10. I''m sure he does want to stay - he''s on a cushy little number. Always thought he was over ratedGet rid. And the rest of the back 4Lappin offers far more.....
  11. Where would Worthy have played him?1/2      Wide rightEvens  Would never have played him under the age of 235/2     Released him to Peterborough3/1     Right Wing Back7/1     Centre Half
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