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  1. [quote user="colu_mike"]Grow up, or has the fertilizer stunted your mental development? [|-)][/quote] I don''t think so but your bog of a pitch has obviously helped to stunt yours. If ever you had any to stunt in the first place that is...
  2. None of the current crop, but I have got Adrian Coote on mine as he works in the same building as me.
  3. Things that are difficult to say when drunk: 1. Innovative. 2. Preliminary. 3. Proliferation. 4. Cinnamon. Things that are VERY difficult to say when drunk: 1. Specificity. 2. Anticonstitutionalistically. 3. Passiveagressive disorder. 4. Transubstantiate. Things that are downright impossible to say when drunk: 1. No thanks, I''m married. 2. Nope, no more booze for me! 3. Sorry, but you''re not really my type. 4. No I don''t want to see your fanny. 5. No my c**k is fine as it is, I don''t want you to suck it. 6. Please don''t sit on my face, I''ve got asthma!
  4. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Shack Attack"]Obviously that should say Hoolahan rather than Hoolan who are a race of aliens in the latest series of Doctor Who [:$][;)][/quote]Hmm - Maybe Russell T Davies knows something - maybe Hoolahan''s on his way to Cardiff, where they film Dr Who ?[/quote] He''s left mate and swanned off to the good ol'' US of A. Steven Moffat is the man to ask lol!
  5. [quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"]We currently have 63 points from 28 games thats 2.25 points per game average. If that was relocated over the remainder of the season we would end up with 103/104 points.Possible? Also does anybody know if we have ever got 100+ points before?[/quote] It''s a hell of an ask but it''s also very achievable, given the fantastic run that we''re on. I might give a definite answer come the end of March after we''ve played Huddersfield, Swindon and Leeds in succession. 100 goals is also possible...
  6. Kevin Piper and Malcolm Robertson probably pop on here from time to time. Wonder if Kev''s read the recent threads about his new show...
  7. It certainly is a tough run of games on paper. I''d take five points now definitely, anything more would be a bonus in my opinion. Just as long as we don''t lose to Dirty Leeds!
  8. Best Newcomer - Grant Holt. Best Goal - Holt v Huddersfield. Greatest Player - Wes Hoolahan. Worst player - A tie between Theo and Otsemobor! Biggest Villain - Robbie Cowling, nobody else comes close!
  9. Official BBC Press Release: Former Ipswich Town and Republic of Ireland international Matt Holland is to front a new Monday night football league show that will give fans across the East unparalleled access to their teams. Late Kick Off will feature in-depth coverage behind-the-scenes, the teams, players, managers and backroom stories of all seven teams across the region – Norwich City, Ipswich Town, MK Dons, Colchester United, Peterborough United, Southend United and Northampton Town. The show, which starts on 18 January 2010 on BBC One East at 11.35pm (subject to variation), will get right to the heart of local football with a mix of discussion, opinion, interviews and match analysis. More than just a highlights programme, it promises to get to grips with the issues fans want to talk about as well as giving some insightful reports both on and off the pitch. Matt, a well known face to most football fans, will bring his own sporting expertise to the programme. He will be joined each week by different guests and pundits from the world of football to talk about the weekend''s biggest games and talking points. There will also be regular features, such as player profiles, a regular dip into the archives, and an opportunity for supporters to share their views on what''s happening at their clubs and in the game in general. Matt says: "I''m very much looking forward to presenting Late Kick Off in the East. I''m hoping as an ex-player to provide fans with in-depth match analysis but, also, to go behind the scenes at their club and give an insight to life outside the 90 minutes!" Late kick Off for the East will be filmed at the East of England Production Innovation Centre (EPIC), in Norwich, which is one of the most advanced studio production centres in Europe. Late Kick Off complements coverage of the Football League – which returned to the BBC in August for the first time since 1988 – building on the success of the network highlights programme, The Football League Show, along with live coverage of two League Cup semi-finals and the League Cup final. Along with action from the Premier League on Match Of The Day and BBC Radio 5 Live, the BBC provides sports fans with access to all the goals and all the action, the length and breadth of the country. Late Kick Off for the East is being made for the BBC by Kevin Piper Media Ltd. ---------------------------------------------- The scummers aren''t very happy with that last sentence LOL!
  10. [quote user="Weve only got two songs"][quote user="Old Shuck"]Zak Whitbread signing according to The Current Bun this morning, £500''000 -doesn''t say we are "interested" or "looking at him", says we are signing him. Decent player, started at Liverpool I think? Expect we''ll all Wiki him if its true.[/quote] got a link for that mate? [/quote] I can''t find it on their website, but it is on page 56 of their paper, very small bit, just under "HUTH''S IN UPSON OUT". A good, experienced centre half and he''s still only 25. I''d be happy with this.
  11. Certainly is good news and it''s no surprise neither. We are in desperate need of an experienced, competent right-back and R Martin has proved in the last month that he certainly is a good one for this league. McNamee must be quite frustrated, but as Lambert says "His time will come." He gives us width and pace, but he simply cannot get in because we are on such a good run at the moment. Simon Lappin has done well overall and Wes Hoolahan is, quite simply, outstanding. I reckon Owain Tudur-Jones, Simon Whaley and Otsemobor will be amongst the ones to go - I hope so anyway!
  12. From Nobby Solano to Ian Henderson. Does anyone reckon they might notice a slight difference in quality?
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