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  1. Rupethebear

    Re: 2 Tickets Spare v Bolton

    .....if you end up with them I suggest you try asking Bolton for a refund, I got one from Cardiff last year.
  2. Who knows?! I have been lucky before and unlucky on other occaisions and don''t travel by coach.
  3. Rupethebear


    That was his first game since May and thus equivalent to the first in his pre-season and against a current top-six team. How many of our squad would perform well in their first pre-season game against that level of opposition ?   


    Now you are cluching at straws, Derby looked poor and Bob The Builder never got a touch......!

  4. Rupethebear


    Cody this Cody that, well he looked like a builder''s mate on the box on Saturday, not seen many of those in The Prem!!!!
  5. Can''t believe that, if they have been given a programme it is theirs to do whatever they like with it.....
  6. Rupethebear

    Away match travel from Northampton

    Good news, all seats fully booked for Man U and 1 left for Bolton, 2 left for Liverpool, remember, book early!!!
  7. Rupethebear

    My team for bolton

    Wait a minute, this is the same Holt who got all the plaudits on MOTD last week, one quiet game and you want him out.

    You need to wake up and realise how hard a league this is, I am all for giving people a chance but don''t dish out your cXXp on here!

  8. I agree with you Hucks, plenty of possession but not goals and you need goals to win games.

    We lacked pace up front but midfield looked good and Tierney is prooving to be a natural in this league.

    It''s now a must not loose game at Bolton on Saturday.

  9. Rupethebear

    Away match travel from Northampton

    Hi Dec,

    Good to hear from you, I can take you to Bolton if you fancy it, you can drive up to Brixworth and then we can shot up the A14.

    My e mail address is rupert44@hotmail.co.uk.

    Look forward to seeing you Saturday.


  10. Rupethebear

    Cody Live at 17.20pm Saturday

    Cody was 4/9 to be subbed and guess what, he''s been taken off.
  11. Rupethebear

    has Cody scored yet?

    The minute he goes off Cov score, he looked well out of place, need a few games.
  12. Rupethebear

    Away match travel from Northampton

    Hi AJ, good to hear from you! I live in Brixworth, how about you? Will be off to Villa so yep sure we can sort something out!! PM sent.

  13. Rupethebear

    Away match travel from Northampton

    ....but on the way to Swansea!!

  14. Rupethebear

    Midland Canaries

    Good to read all about you, Hey Holty I pass Coventry on the way to Bolton and Man U so if you fancy a lift let me know. Took 3 passengers to Wigan and they all enjoyed the chauffeur ride and will be coming to other games.
  15. Rupethebear

    Away match travel from Northampton

    anybody need a lift to Bolton or Man U?
  16. Rupethebear

    Midland Canaries

    I go home and away to every game, where do you live?
  17. Rupethebear

    WBA Tickets Still On Sale?

    Tickets still on sale because the game is on TV and they are too expensive for casual fans, as suggested before there should be a different category for TV games.......as for a 35,000 seater ground, forget it, you said it, will fill it for Man U and Liverpool but what about the other 15 or so games?
  18. Rupethebear

    Who is going to Bolton?!

    Indeed it was and bloody cold, only just warmed up. Were you there too?
  19. Rupethebear

    Who is going to Bolton?!

    The Northampton branch will be in attendance again, last time I went to Bolton away was nearly 20 years ago and we lost in the 1/4 final of the League Cup! Anybody else there at the game?
  20. Rupethebear

    Scum resign Bullard

    he won''t be fit for weeks....but when you''ve shipped 12 goals in 2 league games you''ve got to try something.

  21. Rupethebear

    Disgraceful fans

    Perhaps you might want to research your story a little more Canaryfan1, I am another of those affected, and I know several more, but we are right behind our club and the management team.

  22. Rupethebear

    Posh v scum skysports 2

    Just think they were going to win the league after the first game!!

    I think Jewell is a cert for manger of the month!

  23. Rupethebear


    Biggest home defeat since we put 5 past them!

  24. Rupethebear


    3 home defeats in a week, Jewell out!
  25. Rupethebear

    Away match travel from Northampton

    Will be going to virtually all away games, if anybody needs a lift to Bolton or Man U, from Northampton, please let me know.