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  1. I agree with the fact that CH coming in is a new beginning for all of the players and, therefore, they should all get their chance to prove themselves. However, if Ward continues to perform the way he did last season he will have to start at the bottom of the pecking order behind Turner, Bennett, Ayala, R Martin and Barnett.
  2. That''s a good point Canary_on_the Trent, I completely forgot about the chance of Europe through the FA Cup.
  3. The possibility of seeing Norwich in Europe has me ecstatic just thinking about it. However, I have one reservation, I feel that the squad may get too stretched playing Thursday Sunday week in week out, this would mean that a few additions to the squad may need to be made before taking on Europe. Oh and, of course, we''ve got to actually get there first.
  4. Kammy even said that Norwich could be "going for Europe"
  5. One more thing, let the scum have him!! Get in Jordan Rhodes!!
  6. "helped" I wouldn''t say he helped because he''s only scored one goal for us, ever. I''d rather have Chris Martin on the bench than Aaron Wilbraham.
  7. These racist chants are awful, and Barnsley fans should be very ashamed at their chant to Billy Sharp who just recently lost his baby: were''s your baby gone
  8. Apparently, the city stand already has suitable foundations for the type of expansion the OP referred to.
  9. Are you saying the decision to sign Aaron Wilbraham was a good one as well?
  10. He was only "one of the best players" for about 20mins and then went back to his old, pansy self. Also, just because Lambert is the manager, it doesn''t mean he is a God and gets everything write.
  11. You''ll all see what I''m saying when Naughton gets ripped apart by Bale on Tuesday. By the way, I''m more of a loyal fan than some these armchair supporters.
  12. I think this might be a reality check for most of you. LAMBERT ISN''T GOD AND DOES MAKE MISTAKES, no matter how much you people love and worship him. If you don''t believe me, here are a few examples: Buying the donkey, Aaron Wilbraham Playing that pansy, Andrew Surman Playing Kyle Naughton at RB instead of Russell Martin.
  13. Totally disagree SM, we need people like Mungo, people who speak the truth and speak out of their mouth, not out of their rear end like most of the people on here.
  14. I have heard the name Damien Le Tallec mentioned by a credible source from inside the club, there could be a deal on the cards.
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