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  1. Has anyone had there Everton tickets and had there money taken out ? I applied for tickets through the ballot my Wolves tickets have turned up but no Everton tickets!
  2. Late in the day i no so its a long shot but i still have a ticket for tomorrows game. £44 get in touch if intrested thanks
  3. id have a lift but i think im a little bit out of your way being in Herefordshire
  4. Hi thanks for all the replies its good to no im not the only one living in the midlands :) Im from herefordshire so quite close to all you guys. Are any of you midlanders going to bolton ??
  5. Hi Its my first post on here have been viewing this message board for years so thought id join in with the fun. I was just woundering if there was any City fans in the Midlands who go to home and away matches i try to go to as many as possible but would be nice to meet people around my area as i go mainly on my own to the games at the moment. Also if anyone has a spare Man Utd away ticket i would pay over the odds to get a ticket .
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